Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm not sure whether it was a really good game between two good teams (c'mon, the Devils *have* been doing better recently) or a really boring game between two teams who missed out on so many chances to score it wasn't even funny. The only two really good shots that that got made tonight were the rebound off of Clemmensen (rebound? Okay, so he kind of dropped it by accident. Minor detail) that D'Agostini took and scored and the one in which the Devils finally scored on a practically empty net to win the game in OT. Other than that the game was mostly filled with the teams taking turns peppering the goalies with shots that went nowhere before moving to the other end of the net and doing the same thing at the other end. Okay, so Clemmensen and Price had to come up with some really good saves. And I'm sure there were some interesting moments. I missed them trying to stay awake - no, that was not a sarcastic remark for once. I really am tired and ready to fall asleep. Even the crowd was mostly quiet during the third period as were the Habs who registered something like 4 shots on goal. The only real noise during the end of the period was when Markov got hit in the face with the puck - I think it was the puck. No penalty was called on it, so I guess it was the puck. He had to leave the game. Hopefully it's nothing serious. No Markov for a while = really bad. The Devils played like the Rangers should have played the other night. They were fully awake and were taking full advantage of lots of not so good passing and stupid power-play playing by the Habbies. They made their lives difficult however, when they couldn't take full advantage of the half empty nets. Not my problem. I thought the Habs didn't look as sharp tonight as they did the other night, but it was sort of hard to tell considering the Rangers were dead and made their lives easy. Oh well...I'm off to sleep while I will be dreaming of every other team in the League losing to the Habs.... Hey, I'm allowed to dream!


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