It's my birthday gift to me!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm referring of course to the Centennial Plaza thing that got unveiled yesterday ('cause my birthday isnt' for a while). For their 99th birthday the Habs decided to make themselves a nice shrine thingy outside the Bell Center, honouring not only the teams' four greatest players (Richard, Morenz, Beliveau and Lafleur) but also the other players who's numbers have been retired and a other stuff. I just so happened to be in the area on other business and of course I had to stop by. It was freezing out - look, I love the cold but not when 1) it was above 0 the other day and 2) when I have to take pictures. The camera batteries like to die in the cold - and there were a lot of people around all doing what I was doing, but I was happy to stop by. I think it's fantastic what they've done. Now if they could just make more parking spaces available and at a much cheaper rate.... then I would truly be happy. Anyway... Yeah, it was a really nice way to pay tribute to the team and of course the fans who spent their money on the over priced bricks (man, am I getting cranky about money these days... Blame it on the economy).
I also took pictures. The lighting was awful and the batteries kind of froze midway... But here we go (clickd the text below to see the picture).
The plaque thing below the statue for Maurice Richard
Tribute to Doug Harvey (the other players who's numbers were retired are lined up next to his)


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