Quigg Edmond Baxter

Monday, December 8, 2008

So I was at this really cool exhibit thing the other day which was about the Titanic. And amongst all the really neat stuff there was a thing about a guy called Quigg Baxter. He went to Europe and met a girl and fell in love with her and he wanted to bring her back to Montreal. When the ship was about to go down he introduced her to his mother for the first time and got them into the lifeboats. He died when the ship went down. Anyway, the only reason why I'm mentioning him in here is because he played for the Montreal Shamrocks (who won the Stanley Cup in 1899 and 1900. He would have been too young to be on the team then). His career as a hockey player was cut short in 1907 when he lost his sight in one eye after taking a hit to face with a stick. Apparently he coached for a while and is supposedly credited with orginizing the first international tournaments in Paris. I just thought I'd put it in here 'cause I have nothing to whine about today.

Forgot to mention that Liverpool and Chelsea won the other day. That still leaves Chelsea behind Liverpool by one point.


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