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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Numero Uno

Team Canada is out to demolish you. Especially if you're Latvian. Jake snored the whole game and the Team Canada routed the Latvians 16-0. Some of the goals were actually very pretty. Oh and someone please tell poor confused Nazem Kadri that he can't check people to the head in international tournaments. He's going to get in big trouble if he does that again. 

Nice way to start off the tournament though, Canada! 

Oh and as a side note: I hate that damn cheer. Eh-Oh-Canada-Go! is the stupidest cheer in the world. STOP CHEERING IT. I will drop-kick the next person I hear chanting it. Really. I will. Unless they're in a totally different city than me, in which case I can't just hop on a plane to go there and drop kick them. But you get what I mean. 

Numero Dos 

BAD HAMMIES LOSING THIS GAME. BAGSKATE. BAGSKATE. BAGSKATE. It was a huge division battle that also had All Star Game implications and what do you do? Oh! You leave Jeff Taffe along in front of the net not once but TWICE. TWICE. ARGH. ARGH. ARGH. Not impressed. Not. At. All. BAGSKATE! BAGSKATE! 

Ahem. Moving on.............

Amusing bit of the night: 

Flandersdude: I thought the Amerks mascot was a moose? 
Al: Yeah, it is a moose. 
Flandersdude: but I see a seagull down there in the stands.
Al: um that's an eagle, not a seagull. 
Flandersdude: *pause* it looks like a seagull........ 

.........And thought it was bad enough when we thought the Bingy Sens had a mouse for a mascot when in reality it was a lion (hey, it had no mane!)...... Oh Flandersdude.......  

Numero Tres

One day the Habs will have a nice convincing win. One day. Tonight was not that night though. After getting off to a great start, the Habs fell asleep and let Jaro do all the work. Poor guy....... I will admit it was pretty to see Burkie getting all upset after the first two goals though. And seeing Ron Wilson's presser afterwards made me smile. I take a lot of satisfaction in seeing Ron Wilson and Brian Burke get upset when the Leafs lose. 

We'll pretend that the Habs were trying to lure the Leafs into a false sense of security before they unleashed the Belarocket on them in OT. Bwahahahahahahaha. The Habs didn't have to be so generous by giving the Leafies the extra point though.. oh well. Komisarek was just sorta looking at the back of the net after Andrei scored in OT..... It was amusing. 

So what we learned today: Kadri could be too truculent for Team Canada, Truculence means nothing if you just stand there while the Belarocket blasts into the back of the net. And Flandersdude thinks the Amerks have a seagull for a mascot. 


Grrrreg said...

Poor Latvia... Their goalies faced 67 shots. Maybe they'd be interested playing for the Habs in the future!

Number31 said...

Eh! Oh! This cheer blows!

My brother was absolutely shocked with Kadri. He's like "wtf is wrong with him? IT WAS A HEADSHOT YOU MORON!" I can't believe he thought his check was clean when he ploughed headfirst feet off the ice into the guy. many suspencions will he get in the NHL if he makes it eh? I smell more powerplays for the Habs~!

The Amerks have two mascots apparently but the eagle looks like a seagull crossed with Sam the Eagle.

Oh man...when I see Patches crash the net with either Moen or Gomez (on the PP) I get chills. It brings me back to Skrudland's OT goal in the playoffs every time XD

Eternal Pessimist said...

Grrrreg - that's what I said! xP At least Jaro and Pricey actually steal games though.... the Latvian goalies let in some pretty awful goals D:

Number31 - NOW I finally see why the Leafs drafted him. I foresee suspensions and plenty of future powerplays for the Habs :D

Just found a picture of the eagle. I guess I can see how it looks like a seagull. Hahahaha. I think I may have to call them the Rochester Seagulls now.... Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

Patches crashing the net is awesome *nods*

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