Merry Christmas to me

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I admit... I'm a demanding person. I asked specifically for the Habs to win tonight (the day that was supposedly all cursed for the team), for the Pens to demolish the Sens (I know, I know, but my gloating rights were at stake here), for the Caps to win in regulation time (with an Ovie goal in there too) and for the Leafs and Booins to lose for an early Christmas present.

Well... tonight my wishes were almost all  granted.

  • The Habs had a resounding 5-1 over the Whalercanes. Of course they still got horribly outshot and Jaro was forced to bail the guys out on a few occasions but it was a good win. The PP is doing great on the road, Turtle-Pleky continues to be on fire (he actually very briefly had more points than Ovie tonight *G*), both Kostitsyn brothers scored, Metro had two, Markov had another one... So pretty!

    We'll ignore Gomez' double minor that resulted in a four minute PP (one for cross-checking and one for yapping at the ref) and the ensuing PP goal for the Whalercanes. It was but a small blemish on an otherwise nice win.

    Thanks for Aaron Ward the early penalty which gave the Habs a PP which then they scored on just 1:29 into the game! (and thank goodness Patches is okay).

  • Oh boy, did the Pens ever demolish the Sens. Oh boy, oh boy. This would be absolutely gorgeous if it wasn't the Pens who demolished the Sens. Oh well. Can't have it all. We'll just be happy with a Sens loss! Should I apologize to the Sens relatives now? Because you know I might need to gloat a little bit about this. Just a little. Hey, they initiated it with the phone call, right?

  • Caps win 5-2 thanks to goals from Pie, Greener, Morrison and.... Ovie!!! Such a pretty goal too.... Miller looked so cranky afterward (sorry, no love for you today, Miller). Very nice.

  • Leafs got beat by Tavares. As long as the Leafs finish the season outside the bottom five, I'm okay (ie. please keep losing for now, Leafs).

  • Thrashers almost came back against the Booins but ultimately they fell short and lost. Myeh. 


Grrrreg said...

I think blogger ate my comment... I said merry christmas, and enjoy your bragging rights! :)

Eternal Pessimist said...

Bad blogger! :D Thank you and thank you! =)

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