THIS is the team that keeps beating up my Juniors?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

This team that has THIS record in it's last four games?

Is it just me or does that 10-2 loss really stick out? I think it's the double digits.

Since they beat my Juniors on the 10th of November they have gone 2-6-0-1. Their only wins have come against the worst team in the league and another team that is only three points out of being the second worst team. Two of those losses have come after they've held two goal leads at least once in the game too. Including last night. They had a two goal lead TWICE in the game. Worst bit? The GWG came short handed. Guh.

Remind me why I even follow this fail-team to begin with?

I can't figure my brain out sometimes.... I really can't......

[pssst.... the Moosies did something useful last night as they beat the Amerks 2-1. Thanks Moosies].


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