Thursday, December 3, 2009

At least it's not double digits, right? And at least it's not like the Habs were blanked. 
  • I love hate how everyone's reactions towards goals are totally different depending on who's in nets. The defense routinely left the Sabres completely open. It was pretty sad.

  • This whole effort tonight, was sad. I was at least hoping for some effort after that shallacking by the Leafs. But nope.

  • Josh Gorges gets half a chocolate chip muffin for stealing a goal from the Sabres. He gets the other half for scoring a goal. Apparently he wants to stay on pace with Gomer (who had the Habs first goal courtesy of a beautiful pass from Sergei).

  • I wonder if the Molson's are regretting buying back the team? Maybe just a tiny bit?

  • Can we have a better effort tomorrow? Although I doubt it considering their record after sitting through random ceremonies.... Seriously, though, I'm not watching 2 hours of whatever they're going to do. I just won't do it. I've got Hammies and Juniors to follow. 
Speaking of 6-2.... 

The Caps won 6-2 over the Faily Panthers. Why is this great? Well first off, the Caps winning is great. Second, Salak was in nets for four of those goals. You know Salak as the jerk who rubbed the Amerk's win in the faces of the Crunch last week. Remind me to rant about him one day. Right now, I'm just going to sit back and really enjoy this Caps win. 

Oh and the Leafs would have won 6-2 if the Blue Jackets hadn't scored another goal. So they only won 6-3. Ugh. 


Number31 said...

Oh the freak out grumpiness is kind of funny considering the Flyers and the Rangers have one point more and boast the contending firepower/defense to die for.

Grrrreg said...


One night off, I can forgive, even if that was against the Leafs. Two in a row, when everyone else is laughing at you because it's the week of your freaking centennial, it makes me angry.

I am not looking forward to tonight's game. I'll probably watch a bit of the ceremonies, but if the game doesn't start well, I won't lose another night of sleep for this.

Eternal Pessimist said...

I'm not freaking out. I'm not even grumpy :D I just hope they dont' fire Bub (erm John Stevens) yet. I'm still enjoying watching the Flyers squirm.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I'll probably catch most of the ceremony stuff...Maybe I'll keep some of it on mute though... I dunno.. we'll see :D

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