Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm still yawning after that game.


There are only so many creative ways one can say "if the Habs hadnt' taken so many stupid penalties then perhaps they could have generated some offense and perhaps then they could have scored. As it is, they took too many stupid penalties, couldn't generate any offense and couldn't score."

Sorry. I take the last bit back. They did score. And shorthanded too (like they were going to score five on five? They were almost never at even strength in the first period). So at least we don't need to hear about how bored great Brodeur was when he shutout the Habs. Thanks Moen!

Oher than that.... it was meh......... Even for a Devils game it was particularly meh-ish.... which is hard to believe because Devils games are always meh-ish. ALWAYS. But this one was particularly meh-ish.


The entire team lost the game tonight. Group effort in failiness.

In other news

  • I hope Guy is bagskating those Hammies for that ugly loss to the Admirals last night. You don't hold a 1-0 lead for 40 mins only to completely implode in the third. Bagskate! Bagskate! Bagskate!
  • I have to be nice to the Coyotes now. They kept the Leafies from catching up to the Habs. Thanks Coyotes. I think I kinda like Doan, by the way.
  • There are too many ex-Habs in this Ducks/Canucks game. Schneider for the Canucks and Koivu and Chipper for the Ducks. Don't like it. And I don't like those creepy twins. They're creepy.
  • Sabre lose! Yes! Unfortunately, the Sens win. Boo.


Number31 said...

The Devils are so borind even the empty seats were sleeping.

Number31 said...


Heh. Wish there was an edit button...

Eternal Pessimist said...

and edit button would be nice :D

I don't know how people can be Devils boring D:

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