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Thursday, December 17, 2009

First off....

I'm not buying this whole "oh but they were so tired" excuse. And yeah, it is an excuse. AHL teams have to put up with playing loads of back-to-back games and sometimes three games in a row. They deal with it. If NHLers are supposed to be the best hockey players in North America, then they should be able to deal with it too.

Everyone has a tough schedule this year because of the Olympics. The Habs aren't the only ones with a crappy schedule.

Don't blame the schedule on the team's losses.


If I say the Habs are doing badly right now, it doesn't mean that I'm a bad fan. The reality is that the Habs have some major issues right now. If you don't think they have issues, then you're watching a very different team from me. Saying they have issues, does not make me a bad fan.


The Habs do stink. At least tonight I can stop copying and pasting the phrase "stupid penalties cost them the game" and say "not converting on half their chances cost them the game tonight". If they had actually managed to convert on some of their many chances in the second period, they probably would have won. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.


Can everyone shut up about Latendresse now? By "everyone" I mean RDS and the guys on the Voltigeurs radio. And speaking of shutting up..... Latendresse needs to shut up too. You were given EVERY chance to succeed here. More than anyone else. You were next to useless this year (and you've clearly prove that you could have fixed the main issues you had here). So please, shut up, and stop dissing the team.


A few post game thoughts from the guys....(courtesy of @MAGodin)

Martin says: "The morale of the team doesn't worry me. We worked better than in the last 4 of 5 games." Cammalleri says: "Moral wins suck."

Martin says: "Injured guys coming back will help"
Cammalleri: "We played better with a more depleted lineup."

In other news....

  • Hockey in Montreal is failing all around these days. Juniors just dropped a 3-2 game to the Foureurs. I wonder how much better they would be if they had consistent coaching....  Oh well. 
  • The Voltigeurs continued to beat up MAINEiacs. They won 7-3. Dumont had two goals (almost had a hat trick again). Philippe had a goal too. And it was a shorty! Yay! Second in a week now. I think he's waking up now =) Not sure what was going on with the lines in the third period. They were all haywire, but it seemed that if you played on a line with Mr. Ovie of the Q, you were going to score. He had four assists (three were primary assists as well).


Number31 said...

Cammy for Captain!

By tired though I'm talking about the 5 people that are doing something on the team. It would be nice if the younger guys like Dagger could snipe one more than once a month. These are the guys that shouldn't be tired. He's not even going to the net anymore... Guys like Pleky are running on fumes though.

Maybe they need some chocolate milk.

Eternal Pessimist said...

I'd support Squishy as captain *nods* At the very least, he seems to always say the right stuff after games.

I'm wondering though, if the fact that only a few guys show up on most nights has less to do with the fact that they're tired and more to do with the fact that they just don't show up? Hasn't secondary scoring been an issue all year so far? Regardless of the schedule or injuries, everyone should be stepping up more (and I think Squishy is right, they were putting in better efforts when the team had a pile of injuries).

Peter G said...

Lack of a definitive team leader / Captain is hurting the team.

I agree with your comments on Lats, way too much attention is being paid to a guy who has a measly 7 points so far this year.

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