Hockey night in EP-land: In which radio feeds die

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Somethings' wrong in Ontario because my Hammies radio feed died, the AHL site died (okay, maybe it's not hosted in Ontario), the OHL site died.... all died midway through hockey hour!

Thankfully someone passed me along a video feed of the Hammies game. Only, I was stuck with the Amerks guy instead. GUH. Turned out to be good though because when I urned the feed on, Brrrrrrock Trotter put the Hammies up 3-1 on a shorty. Amerks guy wasn't pleased. I actually took a lot of delight in watching the Hammies destroy the Amerks by a final score of 4-1. I'm so amazed by how much I don't like this team *G* Anyway.... Hammies are now in first in their division. Again. Hopefully they will keep this lead now...!

Habs squeaked out another win. It's weird because I really felt they played a good game for the most part and yet it always seems like they're just squeaking out these wins.... *sighs* Pleky had a very, very nice goal to win the game in OT. Oh Turtle-Pleky, please don't leave at the end of this year......

Philippe FINALLY scored another goal! YAY! He had 2 assists as well. Yay. Voltigeurs win 5-4.

Andandandandandandand my Juniors wiiiiiiiiiiin. Parkes got the winner with 6 seconds left in the third period. Eeeee!

I'm amused because ex-Voltigeur-current-Rocket Cousineau is now a Sea Dog (guess Jake is going there after all?) and ex-Junior-turned-Cataracte, Toni Ritter, is now a... Voltigeur. I'm amused.


Number31 said...

Pricey's cousin plays for the Amerks though :( I see he got an assist tonight too. But Salak makes me angry so fack 'em.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Wait...which cousin is that? He has too many cousins...! D: And Salak single-handedly made me hate the Amerks....

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