Saturday, December 19, 2009

WE MISSED YOU MARKOV!!!!! I was so busy multi-tasking tonight that I missed the finer points of Markov actually playing defense, but I did see him score twice. TWICE.

  • Eeeeee!
  • Metro had the other goal on the PP. I think Gomer heard us saying that he was pretty useless because he had the very nice assists.
  • Squeaky Marty had no love whatsoever. The half empty building was filled with Habs fans and they were booing him all night. Ouch.
  • YAY JARO! He played really solidly. I'm kinda sad that he's probably playing like this because he's ticked off. Oh well.... it was a nice win and he deserves the shutout very muchly.

Sanford wins a game!

  • PK, Stevenson and Johansson were back after being healthy scratches last night. Tonight Gluu, Russel and Neilson sat out (more on Gluu in a sec).
  • Valiquette kept robbing the Hammies of goals in the first period. Sanford sounded like he was finally getting back to being Sanford instead of  the AHL version of Vesa. 
  • I'm sure Guy was ready to bagskate the Hammies after the first period. They got outshot in the first period (mainly because they spent too much time in the penalty box). 
  • No seriously...Flandersdude said that he was telling Guy what a great period the Hammies had in the second period last night when they only allowed 3 shots on goal. Guy then said that he was yelling at them on the bench because three was too many shots on goal. Oh man........
  • Anyway, after the first period, Gluu came to chat with Flandersdude. Poor Gluu. Flandersdude kept pointing out how bad he is when his BFF isn't playing. It was kind of sad. Poor Gluu. We all knows that he misses his BFF. Blame it on Poo.
  • Caaaaaaarleeeee opened the scoring in the second! It was PA fail night in Hartford though. Apparently Carle's name is "Car-lay" now. Even Flandersdude was laughing.
  • Dupont tied it up a few mins later....
  • Daviiiiid "Des-SHAY-ness" apparently put the Hammies up 2-1 after that while the Hammies were on the PP. 
  • I was hoping he'd say PK's name like the guy for the Lake Erie Monsters did  ("Soo-BAWN") but alas, no...
  • they ended up outshooting the WolfPack 20-4 in the second period (see? that potential bagskate got them  going!)
  • Russel was supposed to find his way to the press box but apparently it's situated in the middle of nowhere and so I guess he got lost because he didn't show up :D
  • Annnnnnd Rrrrrrrrrryaaaaaaaan Whiiiiiiiiiite scored as he came out of the penalty box. PA guy got his name right.
  • Sanford had a really good game tonight. His first good game in a looooooong time. So this is really good for him. Notice how they're saving Teddy for their matchup against the Amerks tomorrow. Assuming they make it there. The weather is apparently terrible down there. The Habs apparently only made it to the airport now.

And and and and and and

  • The Petes downed the 67s 4-2! Yay Misshy!


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