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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

  1. *curls up in a ball and points to the news* I will save the drinking for when he actually leaves....

  2. They're holding a fundraiser in Kirkland for a kid who got injured in a hockey tournament in November. He's just 15 and is paralyzed after being checked into the boards. This really struck me really hard for some reason.... I can't really explain it..... There's a great article on him here.

  3. Now THIS is a teddy bear toss. Wow, Calgary! Oh and apparently Guy got hit upside the head with a teddy bear the other night *G* I find that hilarious *G*

  4. Seguin was among the first guys to be cut from Team Canada. I'm pretty surprised by this. Yes, he's only 17, but for a guy who's been touted as going first or second overall, it's kinda surprising. Actually, I'm pretty surprised that Louis Leblanc hasn't been cut yet. I've heard he's been struggling at camp - which is not surprising considering how few games he's up against guys from the CHL.

  5. Sea Dogs finally lost a game. Their winning streak ended at 22 games. Insane. Now shoo.


Grrrreg said...


I know I should have been prepared for this, but I still hate this situation. I just hope Jaro won't end up in a team I hate. I'll drink with you if/when that happens.

Number31 said...

Hey, the kid who was hit from behind has moved his legs! So that's a good sign. Poor little guy.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Grrrreg - *sighs* I find the actualy report a little odd though. It came via ruefrontenac.com from a guy who hates Gainey. I don't doubt that Gainey is shopping Jaro, but why is the only source coming from Betrand Raymond? =/

Number31 - That is great news! I hope he'll be able to recover most of his mobility again in the future.

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