Price wiiiiiiiiiiins!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hark, what's this? We beat the Booins? Well, not us. Price beat the Booins. And Metro. WHOO!!!!

Pre-game pessimism:
  • Me: We're going to lose. Why can't I go to watch Sweden's U20 team demolish Concordia? I saw some of these guys last year and I saw them get drafted... =/ 
  • I don't have a picture of Pyatt?!!! I don't even know what Pyatt looks like... *rips out hair*
The game:
  • That "Go Bruins Go" in the first period by the Booins was weak. 
  • The Priceberg is back. And he's got some attitude!
  • Metro. I wuvs you. 
  • Whitey had an assist on Metro's goal *sobs* come back Whitey D: 
  • Okay, we can sorta get the D to work but then the offense dies?
  • I don't like Gomer. 
  • LOL Chara gets sent off to dumping Gio. Yeah, dude, it's a little noticeable when the tallest guy in the NHL cross-checks the shortest guy in the NHL. Just a little. 
  • No really, I know there were a gazillion shots on goal by the Booins, but the D was not as bad as they were against the Thrashers :D
  • We would've won in regulation time if Marshmallow had not robbed Turtle-Pleky. 
  • What the hell is Burke doing there? GO AWAY. GO AWAY. 
  • Hell, we would've won in regulation time if they had played a stronger third period. There was too much sitting around. 
  • Can we fire MAG?
  • I hate that we give up super late goals
  • Marshmallow clearly isn't Vesa. You're not going to beat him glove side twice in a row. Just once :D
  • I liked the "CA-REY" chants though. Nice to see they're supporting our goalie *G* It clearly worked tonight!
  • CAREY! Congrats on the 50th win!
  • Oh and what the hell, Boston? You gave Squishy the first star? For doing what?! Price got the second star and Marshmallow got the third for.... being bored. 
Post game optimism:
  • Dad is now chirping at me for saying that the Habs would lose. How would I know that the Booins would continue to suck? Jeez. 


Grrrreg said...

Ahaha, I was not really optimistic about this game, so I don't really mind that they almost blew it again. They won, Price looked good, and that's enough to make me happy this morning! :)

Eternal Pessimist said...

^ exactly. We win. Boston loses. Price haters should shut up. Nyah! :D

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