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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Of course I was there to witness the Hammies losing their first game in regulation in person.

In their defense though, they were clearly not used to not-crappy ice, idiot fans and freaking fat posts (yes, it's official, the goal posts in Montreal are OBESE. Hammies put at least two off the post). The poor things looked really freaked out in the first period and they just couldn't recover (I'll be delusional and say that having White and Pyatt would've changed that *coughs*).

But admits the less than stellar game and tragic outcome, I was SO happy to see my Hammies. And I had such AWESOME seats too. Look:

It was kinda closer than it looks too. I had a pretty good view of the back of Boucher's head too :D He wasn't a happy camper tonight. Oh well.

A few other random and useless notes:
  • Hammies games aren't quite the same without Flandersdude. I WANT FLANDERSDUDE :D
  • Speaking of which, I couldn't see him because that huge screen was obstructing my view of where the media dudes are.... Unless the media dudes weren't where I thought they were.... whatever. I couldn't see him! D: 
  • I bought a camera SPECIFICALLY for this game. I'm going through all 313 pictures now to see if any came out good.....EDIT: Pictures are here
  • PK PK PK PK PK! had the only goal for the Hammies. Nice goal too =) 
  • Boucher paces a lot
  • Bingy Sens stink :D
  • Ref, you suck. You suck a lot. 
  • Boo birds you suck. Family friendly words do not describe my discontent with you
  • Drunk guy asking me where the metro was after the game who then proceeded to walk in the opposite direction, you were hilarious. 
  • My Hammeis are still more awesome than your AHL team
  • Next up: Hammies vs Bingy Sens take 2 in Ottawa. EP will be there. 

Edit: MY BABY JUNIORS BEAT GATINEAU. YAY! This a big deal as Gatineau is a good team and has been beating the stuffing out of other teams. w00t. And no, the Juniors were not playing the Voltigeurs as stated by our lovely Gaztte in a blurby thingy. Voltigeurs are on Tuesday when yours truly will be at the Bell Centre yelling at the Habs.


Grrrreg said...

Wow, great seats indeed! So you finally experienced the bell centre lower bowl without selling a kidney? Nice! :)

Eternal Pessimist said...

I know, right?! If I ever win the lottery, I am SO buying tickets there. Best. Seats. Ever.

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