Price holds off Whalercanes

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We're so lucky that Pricey is so awesome in shootouts. Seriously. And I'm too sick to make half decent sounding observations so.... 
  • Habs did their best to lose this game. It was pretty brutal to watch. 
  • Patches had a nice goal after Turtle-Pleky passed him the puck. 
  • It's kind of sad just how nice the Whalercanes goals looked. The defense really went to sleep on those. 
  • Hey, Andrei had a goal! I missed it because I was looking for my Hammies radio feed. 
  • But really, Andrei wasn't too much of a zombie tonight
  • Pricey had some real attitude in the shootout. I like this :D 
  • You know, Martin, it wouldn't kill you to say that Price was really good in OT and the shootout. It wouldn't inflate his head to say that. 
  • I don't like that the Habs ruined my attempt to listen to Boucher's interview before the game though. They could have at least ended the shoootout in round 1.... =/ 
  • I'll take the 2 points regardless of how horrible the game was. Seriously people... stop griping. 
On to the Hammies game.... 
  • I hate late night games
  • Flandersdude is totally still sick.
  • Revelation of the night: There is totally an Ontario accent. Totally. I've been saying it since I've been listening to Flanderdude, but I just heard Gluu too and he has a similar accent. It's interesting. I was telling my mom that I don't notice Boucher's French accent whatsoever (doesn't mean I don't notice the sporadic grammar fail) which is not surprising whatsoever but yeah.... There is an Ontario accent. 
  • Wyman needs THREE root canals after being hit in the face the other night. 
  • Argh... BS calls... goals going in off of pinball like plays.... annoying Heat goalies.... none of this is making me feel better. Heat up 3-0 after 2. Guy will NOT be happy. 
  • So the Hammies's hotel caught fire last night, there was an earthquake this morning now they're losing 4-0..... Oh dear....Natural disasters abound.... 
  • Oh hey, you realize I can hear Flandersdude during the commercials on this video feed? This is kinda funny actually...
  • Daaaaaaviiiiid! We're not getting blanked! And at least the PP has something to show for itself tonight. 
  • And Flandersdude has totally lost his voice. In his own words, he sounds like "a cat that has been run over". Ouch. 
  • Umm I can still hear you during the commercials Flandersdude. I can hear you asking Operator Guy how bad that goal sounded (he means the one he called when David scored). Yeah.... it was pretty sad D: 
  • Let's get this over with now: the Heat are a dirty team. 
  • The Hammies are lucky that Martin doesn't coach them. He'd probably bag skate them all before they play their second game against the Heat tomorrow night (which would be stupid but still....)
  • Whoever is referring this game.... He almost makes Koharski look amazing. Is that possible even?
  • Positive thinking of the night: Weber has decided to hit people. If you're not going to score goals on the PP, might as well steamroller over the opposition, yeah?


Number31 said...

Best hit of Weber's career was when he smacked Lucic into the boards pure and clean and hard in the playoffs last year. Lucic didn't know what to do about it. Was kind of funny XD

Grrrreg said...

I love when I'm watching a video feed and I hear the announcers chatting during commercial breaks. They often say what they really think of the game then, and it's really funny.

And get well soon! ;)

Eternal Pessimist said...

Number31 - I remember that hit. That was funny :D

Grrrreg - Thank you! And it is funny. Flandersdude was talking about Sanford's new kid and in the commercial break Operator Guy is like "you know his initials are BS?" and Flandersdude is like "yeah, I just realized that too"... Oops....

Grrrreg said...

Ahahah! I once heard an announcer say to his colleague that there was "no way" the team they were covering would win the game they were commenting. That was pretty funny, especially because during the play by play he was a real homer. I forgot what team it was, though.

Eternal Pessimist said...

LOL ouch :D

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