Oh hell....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seriously what the HELL is going on with my week?!

I'm talking about this.

Specifically, I'm talking about Brian Burke the human being.

Damnit, he's actually a decent person! My mind is blown. Completely.

I think that's great that he's this supportive of his son coming out. I mean, it's Mr. Truculence we're talking about here. He's seriously the last person I thought would be supportive of gays. This is pretty awesome and I applaud his son for coming out in a very public way like this. And yes, I think I may just have some respect for Brian Burke the human being. Brian Burke the GM of the Leafs? That guy is still a jerk and I wish nothing but ill will towards that franchise, but Brian Burke the non-GM and surprisingly supportive father? He's a decent guy.

Excuse me while I go step on my Leafs voodoo doll.....


Grrrreg said...

Well said. That's a classy reaction from Burke. Also, kudos to his son for having the courage to deal with this publicly.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Incredibly classy. My mind is STILL blown.

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