Night of EPIC fail

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well, I am 1-2 at live games this week and a whopping 1-2-1 when I go to the Bell Centre. Ouch. ANYWAY...

Pre-game stuffs:

I went on a tour of the Bell Centre again. Word of advice: Dont' have the tour guide we had. Way too weird (and not in the good way).

Mind you... highlight of the tour: Martin walked in and stood yakking in the hallway while everyone else pretended to be interested in a door. The guy is capable of wearing something that isn't a suit. Amazing. No really, I can not picture him wearing anything other than a suit. But apparently the guy owns a pair jeans. Wow. Mental image of Martin watching TV on his couch at home in a suit SHATTERED.

The Game:

  • From section 418, the Habs looked like the X-Mas Trees (the Wild). Only the X-Mas Trees won. There was some bad mojo going on from the minute they walked out in those jerseys.
  • Offense! Offense! My kingdom for some offense!
  • Oh wait no... better make that "defense! Defense! My kingdom for some freaking defense!"
  • MAG! *headdesk* I could barely see his number from where I was sitting but damnit, I knew it was him by the way he was skating (or falling). I hate to pick on one person, but jeeeez.....
  • FAIL JERSEYS! *headdesk* Shut out twice in a row in those damn things in different centuries!
  • Damnit White, you keep impressing everyone as a Hab. DAMNIT.
  • Squishy wanted to score on Kipper. He really did.
  • What in the world is that ominous bell sound which is then followed by a very loud guitar noise that they play at the start of the second period? I ask this every time and it's freaky.
  • Turtle-Pleky! I wuvs you.
  • Poor Jaro......
  • Wait... I thought we were supposed to be a "puck possession" team? I saw a "puck chasing" team tonight....
  • Okay how about my kingdom for a team that isn't so passive?! Too many people just going "oo... looky. A pretty puck!! Me likey! Oh hey no... Flames dude has it now... awww...."
  • GUH.

Btw... Jaro doesn't like what Walsh wrote about Pricey. Good. Now get yourself a new agent, Mr. Halak.

Moving on....

I freaked out when I checked the Hammies website and saw that Mayer had been recalled to Hamilton. After freaking out some more, I then checked Flandersdude's tweets and saw the Sanford's wife is going to have their third kid so he was staying with her. Hence the need for another goalie. Phew. No trades coming. Good luck to Baby Sanford and Mrs Sandford!

Anyway... no Sanford meant that it was up to Teddy and Mayer to take on the Rochester Americans. The previously sucky and now suddenly not sucky Rochester Americans. I think the Hammies were tired from their roadtrip because um they lost 4-1.......... Owww......... At least Glumac got the goal for the Hammies. That guy could not buy a goal to save his life so far. EDIT: DUUUUUUUUDE! Glu SO scored after taking a pass from David. This is totally proof that Glu needs David if he's going to score any goals this year. TOTAL PROOF. May David never break his foot again. Ever.


And you know the fail doesn't end there, right? Because when one team fails, THEY ALL FAIL.

Damn you Voltigeurs, I hate your guts again. Comtois and Couturier have continued their scoring fest and had four goals each. Gabriel added one. Some other dude added one. Mr. Scoring Machine aka Vachon had two assists and so did Philippe. Myeh. If you were going to make it a scoring fest, the least you could've done was make sure Philippe had a goal too. Damn you. GOOcheeee and Bourgeois had the Juniors goals. Oh and you know what? The flipping Voltigeurs had 41 shots on goal to the Juniors 18. What is this? A Habs game? Jeez.

In other news:

  • At the BC people cheered when they saw the highlights of the Leafs getting mauled by the Wild. Huge cheers when it was announced that Komisarek was injured. Nobody said we were a classy lot.
  • Speaking of classy.... Burkie wants to have a draft in Toronto so Gainey can get booed in Toronto like Burkie was booed in Montreal. Oh wait so that little "Leafs fans would NEVER boo anyone like that in Toronto because they's classy" bit was a lie? Well.. I guess they have to have SOMETHING to make noise about seeing as the Leafs won't have a first round pick for a while....
  • HAHA Pittsburgh.
  • Um, so I guess Raycroft reverted to the goalie that we all know and love? Blues won 6-1. Ow.


Grrrreg said...

Ooh, you did the tour again? I knew you really really wanted to see Youppiville again... I hope mhcranberry behaved and didn't taunt you yoo much during the game!

I'm getting a little discouraged by the habs lately. It's getting clearer and clearer this is an average team. I'm not so sure the return of Markov will be enough to suddenly turn the habs into a good team. Maybe they'll be better by then, but it's not very exciting to follow them right now.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Youppiville is awesome :D

I wish the Habs could be a little bit more exciting. I'm okay with them failing, but can't they look a little more exciting while they do it? D:

Number31 said...

Hell's Bells by AC/DC

Hey Glu scored? Is that 'cause Desharnais is back? XD

Eternal Pessimist said...

Actually, yeah, I just checked the game report and Glu totally scored after David passed him the puck. I was kinda half joking about Glu needing David to score, but apparently it is true :D May David never get injured again....

*runs off to find that song* let's see if it's not as freaky when it's not being blasted through fifty gazillion speakers....

MHCranberry said...


Yes, I cheered for the Flames LOUDLY and made everyone around us turn and glare. But I even kept my mouth shut when the family next to me was bitching about the Bruins winning.

Tell them, EP! Tell them how good I was!

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