Hammies vs Bingy Sens take 2: Revenge

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Teddy had a shutout and the Hammies won 1-0 against the Bingy Sens! Whoo!


  • jeez, why are the called the "Ottawa" Senators when they're in KANATA? And might I add that Kanata is in the middle of nowhere. Number31 and I would have been super early if it were not for the fact that Kanata is a further 15-20 mins from Ottawa. Poop. 
  • I don't think this guy could sing the national anthems any slower if he tried.... at least he's not squeaky.... 
  • There were under 5,000 people today. 2000 of them were Habs fans and another 100 were actual Hammies fans from Hammie-town.
  • Seriously. We recognized a lady with her cool Hammies sign from Friday (err okay, we recognized the sign) and she asked us if we were from Hammie-town to which replied "umm nope...." she seemed genuinely surprised that people in Montreal would actually follow the Hammies (obviously she has no idea just how insane some of us are *G*). ANYWAY, she said a whole busload of Hammies fans came up to the games in Montreal and Ottawa (and some of them went to the Habs game on Saturday). I thought it was so cool that I got to meet actual Hammies fans. I mean, it proves that they do exist! Although, I wasn't sure what to make of the parting comment of "thanks for cheering for us". us?! US?! HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: I'm a Hammies fan too...... *sobs* I follow as many Hammies game as you do... *sobs some more*
  • Bingy Sens got a taste of what it's like to be a Sens fan in Ottawa when the Habs come to play. ie. they got booed in their own building.
  • I think I could see Flandersdude from where I was sitting. Wasn't sure where he was exactly, but I definitely saw where the media dudes were. All the way at the top.  
  • Teddy... if you weren't being called Teddy and I didn't already have a Floppy Flambe... I would SO call you Floppy Flambe.... Ouch... SO much floppyness..... it was scary!
  • What happened to Weber? He's been struggling so much D: 
  • Glumac too. 
  • We, the Hammies fans, would like to bring back Pyatt and White. Right now. 
  • Henry was back and was wearing the C again! Guess he did clear waivers after all! 
  • It was SO quiet in Scotiabank.... We initially sat across from the benches (right above the penalty boxes) and at one point I could hear Guy yelling. From across the rink. It was that quiet. Just like a real Hammies game. 
  • What is wrong with the Hammies PP?! Seriously.... 
  • And what is wrong with the scoring?! Oh right. We have NO PYATT OR WHITE! GUHHHHHH! And no David Desharnais. Glumac needs David to help him score. 
  • Guy is pacing again. And talking. He does a lot of talking.  
  • Man, Teddy must have the world's luckiest horseshoes or something... how was that not a goal for the Bingy Sens? 
  • Sens fans in front of us are GRUMPY. My day is complete. Too bad I didn't sing "Ole" in their ears. That would've been funny.  
You know this gives me a 2-0 record at Scotiabank Place now? Bloody hell, I wish I had such a great record at the Bell Centre...... oh well. NYAH!

OMG my Juniors love it when I dont' follow their games!

They beat the Remparts 5-2. Fine so two of those were empty netters. And the Remparts just won a tough game against those evil Olympiques last night. TOUGH CRAP. My Juniors have now one two games in a row against tough opponents while I wasn't following them.

YAY JUNIORS! Watch out 'cause I've got more tickets and will be there some time this month :D

umm yeah... Baby Habs had one goal each too tonight as the Voltigeurs beat the Chicoutimi whatsits.... I keep wanting to call them the Chicoutimi Cucumbers... o.O I dunno why.. must have to do with Plante....

In other news...
  • Jaro's agent is a moron and the only thing he's done so far is hurt his client. Bashing Carey Price on a public place like twitter - where you know damn well how the fans will take your comments (ie adding fuel to this non-existent goalie controversy) is very nonprofessional and it's only working against Jaro. 
  • Speaking of the little Slovak goalie... he fails at taking shots. At the fan practice this morning, he flopped over on both his attempts at the hardest shot thingy. MAG won with a 104 mph shot. Pricey hit 85 mph on both his shots. Poor Jaro. 
  • Squishy apparently tried REALLY hard not to score on this little peewee goalie at the practice but wound up scoring on him by accident anyway. Ouch. 


Grrrreg said...

I'm glad the bulldogs won that one for you. Especially in the heart of Sensland!

There are LOTS of good pics of those two hammies games right here (they are on the left column). I found that on the bulldogs website.

Eternal Pessimist said...

OMG. I just saw the pics from Ottawa. OMG. I SO DID SEE FLANDERSDUDE. I DID SEE HIM. OMG. *squeals* YAY! *runs around*

Number31 said...

Should be called "Out in the middle of nowhere Senators"

Grrrreg said...

Heh. I already knew what Flandersdude looked like, they have his bio on the bulldogs site too.

Grrrreg said...

Sorry, I messed up with the link... here is the address:

Eternal Pessimist said...

Number31 - They should totally be called "out in the middle of nowhere Senators". But that's too long a name D:

Grrrreg - Yeah, I knew what he looked like, but I couldn't see the guys very well because they were so high up and the lighting was so bad D: there were a few guys up there and I wasn't sure which ones where Flandersdude and Al (didn't know Al was coming on this trip too). Now I know they were the guys in the blue shirts. YAY!

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