Is there a plan B?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm referring to the Hamilton Bulldogs because clearly, Plan B for the Montreal Bulldogs is working out just fine.

For the past week, the Bulldogs have been playing a man short. With a roster limit of 18 players, the Bulldogs have only been able to dress 17. Injuries to their own roster plus multiple call ups have resulted in a very depleted AHL team. With the recent call up of David Desharnais, the Bulldogs are now two under the roster limit.

My question is... is there a Plan B?

The Canadiens have a grand total of one player in the ECHL (which I'm still trying to get my head around) and he's next to useless right now because he's a goalie. If there's one thing the Bulldogs are just fine with, it's the goaltending.

So.... The Bulldogs have already signed three players. One to a SPC and two to a PTO. Unfortunately the guy signed to a SPC has to clear waivers before he can play and he won't be clearing them ahead of tonight's game. I'm thinking short of hunting down players in the ECHL (and I dunno who might be available who hasn't been signed to something by some team or other), the Bulldogs might have to start getting those ATO forms out. ATOs or Amateur Tryout Contracts are for... well, amateurs. Guys coming out of college or junior hockey.  Surely there are guys in college who can be signed to something? What about the pile of Habs prospects playing college hockey? Surely a guy like David Fischer is at least ECHL ready (and therefore marginally AHL ready)? Anyone?!

This is getting pretty ridiculous already. Thank god I'm not Julien BriseBois.


SmilingGainey said...

Is it wrong for me to think "boy am I glad Conboy got himself kicked out of University"?

Eternal Pessimist said...

No.... Maybe some of the other guys can get kicked out of university so they can play for the Bulldogs... xD;

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