You know you're in Habsland when... (part 12781)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009're mayor wants to rename the street in front of the Bell Centre from "rue de la Gauchetiere" to "rue de les Canadiens". During an election campaign no less (so says this place).

At least this way I'll actually remember what the street is called.... Yeah, I suck with street names.


A couple other random things:
  • My goalie has a new mask and I can't find a decent picture of it. Do I have to hunt him down at a practice when they come back here? Because you know I will do that.
  • I know I have Luuuu and a few other Canucks on my fantasy teams, but I'll be very happy to see them fail for just one more night. It's the Priceberg's homecoming (for real, yo) and while I'm aware of irony that is the goalie situations tonight, the Priceberg has to win.
  • Oh and The Puppy (GusGus) has gone AWOL from the Leafs practice today, apparently.


Peter G said...

He has my vote...wait, I can't vote. Someone vote for me. :)

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