Saturday, October 24, 2009

Okay, one day can we have a normal Habs/Rags game? Y'know, one where I don't go "OMFG I'M GOING TO DIE HERE?!!!!!" PLEASE?


In that case.....



WHAT a show of character from the team tonight. We knew that the Habs would have their work cut out for them tonight. This other team in New York was definitely nothing like the other one that the Habs stomped all over. After Squishy had the first goal just 4 and something mins in, it looked as though the Habs would get blown out. Extremely awful defensive coverage by les boys allowed the Rangers to score three consecutive goals. It was a pretty awful period and we're not going to waste any time dwelling on it.

During the first break we were subjected to A LOT of Halak bashing. Apparently when the defense plays badly, you blame the goalie. Story of a goalie's life, I guess. Anyway, contrary to popular demand, Jaro returned for the second period.

The little Slovak goalie and co played a better second period. As I was yelling at the Hammies, I missed Max-not-Patches and Dagger literally crashing the net and scoring. Looked like a real mess on the replays though. Oh well. Messy goals will do!

The one goal lead didn't last all that long as someone Gaborik was still healthy enough to play and ended up behind the Habs D. When Gaborik is healthy he scores nice goals. And that's not great for the Habs. Hmm no... it made everyone look really BAD and it gave the Rags another 2 goal lead.

Have no fear! MAG made up for being largely responsible for the Rags second goal (try "I'll pass the puck to a teammate that isn't there. Oops, a Rag picked up the puck. Oops, they scored") and smashed one past Lundqvist. One goal game again! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then 2 mins later Gio gets smashed up, passes the puck to Turtle-Pleky who then passes to Squishy who then rips it past Lundqvist. TIED GAME BABY.

You had to believe that the Habs would win it at this point. They didn't make it easy in the third though. Jaro was forced to come up with some big saves. They had quite a few good chances to take the game in the third but when Gui!'s got the puck.... it's not going to happen. Mind you, Gui! did force Hank to actually make a save at one point so we'll take that. Anyway, this game was going to OT.

Let's just cut to the chase and say that Jaro makes a save, Squishy picks it up, Squishy goes all the way down to the other end, Squishy goes around a few Rags and then Squishy puts it past Hank. HAAAAAATRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAME OVER.

Few things

  • We need to stop bashing the goalies. There is NO goalie controversy. So please, shut up and leave my goalies alone. Jaro was not terrible tonight. 
  • MAG should not be allowed to do anything other than the PP. I was concerned about his abilities when he was going to be pressed (and boy oh boy did the Rags ever forecheck) and I had a lot to fear. 
  • Dagger and Chipper had a good night. Patches looks a lot happier since he had that goal. 
  • Spacek.. I wasn't impressed with him tonight. 
  • Torts wasn't impressed with Higgy either. 
  • Gui! wasn't totally useless tonight. He wasn't throwing his weight either. But he looked like he was at least attempting to hustle a little bit at certain points.  
  • Bloody hell do the Rangers have a super aggressive forecheck! 
  • I really liked that this Habs team didn't quit. Not when they were down 3-1. Not when they were down 4-2. They kept it up. Even if they had ultimately lost in OT or SO or whatever, I would have been really pleased with this effort. It was a good effort to battle back. 

GUESS WHO ELSE WON TONIGHT?! THE HAMMIES! They're the only team who hasn't suffered a regulation loss so far!

Missed a lot of it because the Habs forced me to watch and cheer them on, but I did catch the important parts. The Hammies had a very strong first period. They were all over the Baby Stars goalie but only had one goal to show for it. You know it's never going to be a good sign when the other goalie is stealing goals again. Kills the momentum for the team trying to score. This is what happened in the second period when the Baby Stars woke up and were ALL over the Hammies. Thankfully they too only had one goal to show for their efforts. The third period was a real parade to the penalty box and nobody go anything done. OT proved nothing and we were going to shootouuuuts!

I hate shootouts and Sanford isn't particularly wonderful at them either. BUT tonight he was loads better. A miss and three saves earned him and the Hammies another win! Darche and Tooooom Pyaaattt who Guy had just said had the best work ethic on the team, both scored.

Speaking of the Junuiors... Okay so we weren't but now we are!  I apparently I have to do everything around here. The Juniors's website has completely failed to mention that Jake has been invited to the super series between a pile of Russian prospects and CHL prospects. How it works is that the Russians come up with a pile of prospects and they play pretty much the best players from the Q, OHL and WHL. Um yeah, he was invited before he started DUCKING. Dumont is going too along with two other Chubbies. The Chubbies had a whole big thing about it on their site.... Oh and speaking of the Dummondville Chubbies... they imploded in the third period and let in 5 goals as they lost 7-3 to Shawinigan. Why couldn't you have messed up like that last night?! EH?!

In other news: 

  • Drummondville is sitting on top of the WHOLE CHL right now. Well, they were before they lost to Shawinigan. This makes me feel a little better about my team losing to them last night. The Remparts and the Olympiques are also among the top ten in the CHL. 
  • Leafs continue on the fail streak. They lost again. This time to the Canucks. So pretty. Maybe they should watch the Baby Leafs instead? They actually won, I believe. 
  • Sensfail too. Blew a lead to the Booins and lost in shootouts. They were seconds away from winning the game too. 
  • Mike Richards might be in HUGE trouble after concussing Booth. Booth was out cold before he even hit the ice. 
  • Caps fought back in a tough game against the........... Islanders............ and won in OT. Um congrats? Laich and Greener had a big bromance moment after Laich had the winner. 
Okay... that's two long posts for me today...I need my sleep now D: 


Number31 said...

I did not like what Richards did to Booth... Blindsided headshot. What a douchebag move.

After last night, I kind of want to give Higgy a hug. He looks depressed. Or his narcolepsy is getting the better of him.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Yup, Richards (and damn, I was just starting to like him) needs to be suspended for that. I don't care if he says he didn't mean to do it, I don't care if he doesn't really have a history of doing it, he still did it and needs to be disciplined for it.

And poor Higgy....! He needs a hug. I feel so bad for him D: And... I might be tempted to say that a certain someone who plays for a certain fail team in Toronto, could use a small hug. A very small one.

Grrrreg said...

That was a spectacular game. Really fun to watch. I'm starting to really like this team. I'm still a little unconfortable with Gomez, but other than that, I love their character.

And Bergeron is just as advertised: lethal on the PP, but unfortunately also lethal in his own zone... He managed one thing, though: since he's there, people are not complaining too much anymore about Gill. That's gotta be a positive.

And I'm so glad Chips is finally getting praised a little.

Eternal Pessimist said...

I'd rather complain about Gill to be honest :D

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