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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pop Quiz! What do you do when your teams aren't playing hockey?

Answer: Go to your local rink and watch a pile of 10ish year olds play.

No jokes. And I thought I couldn't POSSIBLY be more obsessed with this nutcase sport.

Wow. 10 year olds are actually quite a lot of fun to watch though. Okay so they're super slow but they're fun (minus the coaches who insist on screaming in a building that just echoes their words into a pile of mooshy sound that nobody can understand). I stayed for two games. At this level, when they say an hour, they mean an hour. None of this "oh well, the game is 60 mins, but then we have to factor in stoppage in play, timeouts, breaks in-between periods, fights and god knows what else". They actually finish in 60 mins. ANYWAY, the first two teams were pretty good. They seemed evenly matched.

The next game however, was rather sad. I felt super bad for the team that I dubbed "the Fail Team". They were just super slow and I had no choice but to dub their goalies Mini Vesa and Mini Floppy. Poor things. The poor little Mini Vesa was SUPER tiny too. His head was only barely above the crossbar. As you can guess, Mini Vesa was faily and Mini Floppy wasn't helping his team's cause out either. Mind you, the whole TEAM was a fail today. Next time, the coaches need to remember to give the kids some candy before hand or something. Get 'em all hyper and crazy so they can speed down the rink. Actually, Not-Fail-Team's shutout bid was squashed as someone from Team Fail pulled move a lot like Squishy's last night in OT (only a lot slower) and "ripped" one past the Bored Goalie. It was pretty sweet actually.

After this I came home and discovered that a certain hated QMJHL team was playing..... I've decided that I hate the Voltigeurs SO much that I need to follow them in my spare time (read: blame it all on Dumont and Lefebvre. Damn you, Baby Habs). After screwing it up royally against Shawinigan last night, the Chubbies had a chance to exact some revenge today. They didn't seem to show too many signs of fatigue (it being their third game in as many nights) and ended up stomping on the Cataractes 6-3. If you didn't know that Vachon was the teams' captain before the game, you definitely knew it afterwards. Apparently you can't just call Vachon "Vachon". It has to be "le capitaine Vachon". Well, excuse me. Sheesh. The guy is on a roll though. Tallied two more goals tonight (he can thank Dumont for doing all the work on one of them though!) and had an assist as well.

it's LE CAPITAINE Vachon, to you! 

The Chubbies got into a HUGE scrum at the end of the game that took about 15 mins to sort out. It was hardly worth it as the Chubbies had virtually won it by then. Least you need to know is that they sent pretty much everyone off the ice. Sounded pretty brutal. So much for curbing fighting in the Q.  Not sure who was left to play the last 1 1/2 but whatever.

So yeah. That's how I spent my Sunday afternoon. Not that you care. But oh well :D


Grrrreg said...

That's a perfectly good way to spend a sunday afternoon!

But there's something worrying me: you seem interested in younger and younger players... first the habs, then the hammies, then the juniors, and now 10 years old boys? Where will this end, EP? Maybe you ARE a stalker after all.

Eternal Pessimist said...


It's not my fault that NHLers tend to be a bunch of overpaid babies and aren't any fun to watch sometimes.... *sobs*

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