Pooh. Schneider steals a win for the Moosies

Monday, October 19, 2009

I think I really don't like Cory Schneider. Call me sour grapes but I'm allowed to dislike the opposition' goalie. Especially when he was the difference tonight as the Hammies completely outplayed their opponents but the Moosies goalie turned away all but one shot.

Despite no goals throughout the first two periods, the game went back and forth a lot - with some really nice saves by both goalies. I feel bad for Sanford though. I know he probably really wanted to beat Schneider and the Moosies. But he ended up with some really bad luck tonight. The posts saved Schneider a few times but Ketchup's long shot hit the crossbar and went in. Sanford's night got worse as it sounds like he put the game winner in OT as he fell backwards. Ouch.

On the bright side, the Hammies lone goal was a beauty though. A four way pass between Benoit, Trotter and Russel made Schneider's head spin and Rrrrrussel put it past him.

Also the Hammies still earned a point, which extends their point streak to five games.

On the totally not bright side...... I think the Hammies probably would have been able to win the game if they had been able to convert on the powerplay tonight. Much like a certain other team (err teamS) that reside in Montreal, the Hammies had a lot of trouble finishing. They went at least 0 for 5 (although I think it was actually 0 for 7) on the PP.

Also, Flandersdude does not approve of Schneider getting the second star.... me neither - despite the fact that we're totally not getting along - but oh well....

Aaaaaaaand to finish up...... Apparently Flandersdude and Al want to call Ryan Russel "Jack" 'cause he's kinda like a terrier (Jack Russel, I'm assuming?). I'm not necessarily opposed to this.... It's better than being called "Ketchup" I guess.


Grrrreg said...

I'd like to listen to Flandersdude, but I actually don't even know what Ned Flanders sounds like in the original version of the Simpsons, I only know his French voice. So I might not be as amused by Flandersdude... (I wouldn't even be able to tell which guy he is on the bulldogs broadcast team)

Eternal Pessimist said...

You should totally catch a Bullsdogs game (they'll have a couple of games starting at 4 and 3 my time at the beginning of November). You'll INSTANTLY be able to recognize Flandersdude and I'm sure you'll like him a lot. He's the one doing all the talking. Al (the other guy) doesn't talk all that much. And actually, I don't think Al goes on the roadtrips so really, if it's a roadtrip, it's just Flandersdude.

You MUST MUST MUST MUST listen to a Bulldogs game. MUST. =p

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