Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hammies smash up the Moosies and Habs' finally end their losing extravaganza!!

Okay. Where to start?!

  • Guy is SUPER competitive. To the point where he hates losing to his little kids at cards. Poor kids.
  • I really like Guy's whole approach to coaching.... Really wish I could focus and tell you what he was saying in his pre-game interview but my mind is clearly on more important things *G*
  • Impact dudes came to the BC and celebrated their trophy thingy. I think the Habs were just a tad jealous of the nice shiny trophy of doom.
First period
  • Hammies wasted NO time their bid for some serious revenge on the Moosies. Like, try a goal by Darche just 23 seconds in. Schneider says "need. caffeine. to. stay.awake".
  • Ketchup almost had a goal afterwards but it ended up being some other Moosie when the Moosies grabbed a PP....
  • ...but nobody cared because then Rrrrrryan White had a goal a few mins later!
  • While the Hammies were scoring and getting scored on, the Habs and Thrashers were having a competition to see who could end up in the penalty box more. Delightful.
  • And if they weren't in the box, then their third line was getting run around in their own zone. WAKE UP HABS!
  • Both Schneider and Pavelec were getting saved by some VERY obese goal posts tonight. Five words I don't ever want to hear again "and Schneider makes the save". GUH.
  • Question of the night on Twitter: "All I ask for is a Yankees loss and a Habs victory. Is that asking for too much?"
  • Just when I was about to say "yes", Gioooo scored for the Habs! HAH! He was clearly listening to us!
  • Jaro thanks the Habs for a fairly easy first period.
  • END OF FIRST. EP asks we can just call it a night at this point.
2nd period
  • DING. Off the post. DING. Off the post. "And Schneider makes the save"..........Story of most of the second.
  • Habs get cranky and start getting into scrums
  • Meanwhile in Hammie-town, Darche says it would be nice to have 200 AHL goals instead of 199 like he currently has. So. He tips in a shot by Benoit and BINGO! Hammies up 3-1 and Darche has 200 goals in the AHL. Whooo!
  • Habs and Hammies continue to get loads of chances on the PP, buuuuuuuuut.... by a combined effort of the posts, the opposing goalies and over all just bad luck/bad shooting/whatever, no PP goals. None. Zip. Nada.
  • Schneider steals a Hammies goal. Pavelec steals a Habs goal. Too much stealing.
  • Ketchup and a Hammie blamed each other for a messed up face-off. Ref tossed the Hammie.
  • Somewhere in here Armstrong tried kill Bergeron. Lapierre then actually stood up for his teammate and BAM we had a scrum. 'cause like, the French Marshmallow wasn't going to do just stand there.
Third period!
  • Of course you just knew that the Habs lead wasn't going to last.... Armstrong had an irritating goal much like Gio's from before....
  • Quote of the period (from Habstwit): Bergeron: "what's my name? who am i?" Martin: "Andrei Markov..."
  • Ced flops around and saves the puck!
  • Lots of nail biting as the Moosies start pressing...
  • Thrashers are picking it up too... Jaro says thank you for the defensive effort from the Habs tonight though. Where was some of this effort from the other night?!
  • Ilya streaking down the rink scares the crap out of EP....
  • With only 40 some odd seconds left, the Hammies get a PP! Flandersdude says it would be nice if the Hammies would score on the PP.
  • ...well, considering their PP has been about as good as the Habs has been, nobody was hoping for a lot. Buuuuut Pyatt scooooooreeeees! EEEEEE! Hammies take it 4-1!
  • Back to the Habs. This one is going to OT... hakjhdgkjaqyeiqwy....
  • Not-Viktor Kozlov tries to kill Gomer. Gomer goes down. Gets up and tries to pound Kozlov.
  • Kozlov gets in big trouble with the refs and is given a very lengthy timeout.
  • Maybe the Habs will score on the PP this time?!
  • Squishy with the puck. He shoots, he... misses....
  • AK46 with the puck. He shoots he.... shoots it off a defenseman....
  • Gomer with the puck! He shoots, he.... gets robbed by Pavelec who makes some ridiculously stupid save.
  • And Turtle-Pleky fans on an open net....
  • And we're going to shootouts!
  • EP says "poor little Jaro...."
  • Squishy is ready to go for the Habs. But wait! The ice isn't ready. Everyone off the ice so they can run the zamboni over it again. Squishy says "but I'm ready NOW". Squishy is so involved in his little conversation about the ice that he dumps the puck into Pavelec. Poop.
  • Ilya's turn. EP says "noooooooooo.... poor Jaroooo"..... Only... Ilya kinda slides around Jaro and ends up around the net in some ridiculously dumb looking manner. Ilya and EP go "WTF?" EP adds that she's not exactly complaining that Ilya missed but still.... she was expecting a little more from the guy who has continually ruined her World Championship hopes.
  • Gomer's up next. Lots of cheering! Will Pavelec stop Gomer like he did on that ridiculous flying save in OT???.... nope! Gomer goes glove side and puts it past Pavelec.
  • C'mon Jaro! You gotta stop Peverley! EP can't look. Well, she looks anyway and sees Jaro stops the Thrasher-thing.
  • Okay Gio! Time to finish the game. EP has one word for the outcome of that: wow. Gio's shooout goal was pretty! As Flandersdude would say: Brrrrrrriaaaaaan Gioooonta with the shootout winner!
  • Jaro and EP say "THANK GOD".
A few thoughts:
  • If we could all learn how to finish our shots, we wouldn't be worried about scoring, yes?
  • Bergeron better not have a concussion or any concussion like symptoms.
  • Third line got kicked around too much.
  • Price wishes that the Habs would play defensively like that more often.
  • EP wishes that Jaro would get some more time to play.
  • For the 1249872198247 time: Patches needs to go to the AHL. Y'know I love him, but he would be MUCH better off getting some more experience in the AHL. There will be the opportunity to get more playing experience and he'd have way less pressure on him.

    Yesterday, Boucher was saying that he didnt' want to put Subban out in the last minutes of a game because if the other team scored a goal - and it wasn't Subban's fault - he would still feel bad about it and it would probably have a really negative impact on his game in the near future. Not exactly sure how this relates to Patches, but I was super impressed with Boucher for this. They don't expect Subban to carry the team defensively (he's an offensive defenseman anyway but that's beside the point). They're not rushing his development. They're giving him time to grow into the player that they're expecting him to be. Why can't people realize that there is no reason to rush Patches? We're seeing the negative impact that rushing Price to the NHL has had. Please, for the love of the hockey gods, don't ruin another solid and talented prospect.
  • I was talking to goaliemom31 about chili. She put sherry and honey in hers and I said I had to try "sherry and hockey" some time. Yeah..... brain on auto-pilot....Should try sherry and hockey one day. Bet it wouldn't be as good as cider and hockey though...
  • I wasn't the only one with some entertaining brainfail though. Al ended up saying I should check out the "bulldogs slobber house" instead of "cyber house" online....


Grrrreg said...

Boucher definitely looks like a good coach, especially with young players.

The problem with Patches is that they don't have many options to replace him right now. They could call Sergei K up (if they haven't given up on him), but they don't seem to think he's spent enough time with Boucher. Once Metropolit comes back they'll have more options to juggle with the lines, but right now they're a little stuck.

But overall I liked what I saw yesterday in the first period. If they keep on working like that, they'll get wins. Not every goalie is going to play like Pavelec did last night.

Eternal Pessimist said...

I can't get over how much I actually like Boucher right now. I almost feel bad that he scared the crap out of me when he was coaching in the Q.

I know they're short on options to replace Patches, but I still think they're going to ruin him if they continue to keep him here like this. And I'm really paranoid about ruining another top prospect. I still think that there are more options for the forwards than for the defensemen even. Patches can and should be sent back to the AHL as soon as possible so he can get better and come back and kick ass.

Effort was solid last night. I just... they need to bury those chances!

Maybe Squeaky Marty will be in nets for the Isles and he'll be his normal faily self.

Number31 said...

We need Patches. When he's on the line with Lapierre, there's an actual energy line. When it's just Guimauve, the energy is dead... (Gui already looks out of gas, oy).

Andrei needs to stop passing and start scoring though :( We won't last long with 1-0 games.

Eternal Pessimist said...

The French Marshmallow is just...myeh....

Andrei needs to learn that good things tend to happen when he shoots the puck....

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