It's like the 1993 playoffs

Monday, October 26, 2009

......minus the playoff bit *G* 

Habs take it in OT! Again! Turtle-Pleky had beautiful pass over a Isle's defenseman to Hammer who put it past a sprawling Squeaky Marty! 
  • The Islanders decided to come to play tonight (and c'mon, they have been playing a lot better than last year). I decided that after the 08 playoffs, three words I never wanted to hear again were "Biron fait l'arret". When Squeaky Marty is all motivated against the Habs, it usually spells bad news for the Habs. Not that he's been THAT motivated since May of 08.. but still... He wasn't so faily tonight.

  • Metro was sick but he showed up to play anyway. Boy, did he look really sick. BUT! he had a SUPER awesome assist on Spacek's goal. Super cool. I really hope that he doesn't give everyone else the flu though... that would be super UNcool.

  • Gotta admit that Tambellini's goals in the second and third period (both on the PP) were nice. Sucked to be Jaro who got left out to dry by the D. Sucked especially to be Hal Gill who looked silly on Tambellini's first goal....

  • Squishy had some nice work on Moen's goal. It was a bit of a weak one by Sqeaky but we'll take it!

  • Either the Islanders were actually playing defense, or else the Habs offense was taking a bit of a break tonight, because that was all she wrote for the next two periods for the Habs. Probably both. The Islanders were playing a lot tighter D around Squeaky. To the point where you really couldn't even see Squeaky.

  •  Jaro was really solid tonight. I'm really not sure why people insist on bashing him. Okay, so he did get super lucky on a very fast whistle by the ref, but it wasn't like the posts weren't being nice to Squeaky tonight either (sometimes I wonder if it takes more talent to hit the post than it does to put it past Squeaky. What say you, Mr. French Marshmallow?).Seriously... Jaro was solid tonight.

  • The Habs really forgot how to count tonight. They took TWO too many men on the ice penalties.

  • The refs also pretty much forgot that they're allowed to penalize the Islanders for most of the game. It took a whole 40 mins before the Habs would get a full PP (in which they fell asleep. Happens when you forget about what it;s like to be on the PP).

  • Turtle-Pleky has been really good. He finished the night a + 1 had 3 shots, 3 blocked shots and  1 missed shot. Oh and he was %52 on the faceoff circle making him the third best tonight.

  • Pigeon and Squishy were also on fire tonight in terms of shots. Both had four shots (Pigeon had another 5 shots blocked).

  • Okay, who had Andrei with the most hits tonight? He had three.

  • Not a bad game tonight. The real tests will be coming up this week though with the Pens on Wednesday, the Peachhawks on Friday and then those dratted Leafs on Saturday. The Habs will be tired and the Leafs will be super hungry on Saturday..... 


Grrrreg said...

Stupid Ducks! (although I wouldn't have wanted to see the leafs looking for their first win against Montreal on Saturday.)

And yay for Metro, Pleks, and both Jaros! Metro's pass on the first goal, and Plekanec's rush in OT were beautiful.

Eternal Pessimist said...

It was a good night for the Czechs (and the lone Slovak *G*). And Metro. Probably should have saved Metro for tomorrow though D:

And seriously.. those damn Ducks had to fail... Although you're right. It would have been awful if the Leafs had come Saturday still winless. At least we can't say that we're the first to lose to them (up until last night we were the only ones who were responsible for the Leafs having *a* a point).

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