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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

'bout time I did this again.

  1. $%^&*(... the Leafs won a game. There go my hopes of them ending the season 0-82. I guess this just means that they'll end the season 1-80-1.

  2. Martin is pretty much responsible for this goalie-controversy and I think it's hurting both goalies. Before you scream at me, yes, I think Halak should get more time to play and yes, I think that Price should have to work for his job. HOWEVER. There really hasn't been a "hot hand" in these wins. Justin Pogge could have won against the Islanders last week for crying out loud. Martin has basically put the goalies in a lose-lose situation. If Halak can't bail the team out against the Penguins, they're left with putting in a goalie who's going to be colder than a block of ice because he hasn't played in 4 games.

  3. One thing that baffled and infuriated me about Carbonneau was how his lines would change faster than you say "Ovechkin scooores". I was hoping that Martin would be a bit more sensible, but so far no go. His lines have been all over the place.

  4. Remind me again why the league does not have a "no hits to the head" rule? Mike Richards takes out David Booth and the league rules it a "clean" hit? Exactly what is clean about a guy going out cold BEFORE he even hits the ice? I've witnessed a few stomach churning hits last year - including two against the Habs. I have no idea why and how people can condone this.

  5. There is no food in my fridge. 


Grrrreg said...

NO FOOD IN YOUR FRIDGE?? Oh the infamy! Hmm, no that's not what I'm supposed to be outraged about.

I didn't like the Richard hit either. And what really annoyed me is the "he's a clean player" argument. Seriously, who cares if he never hurt a fly before? He's not a dirty player but it was still a dirty hit. It's like Kostopoulos a while ago, when he hit Van Ryn. Kosto is hardly a dirty player, and yet this was a dirty play, and he deserved to be suspended for it...

I wanted to write something about the goalies too. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow...

Eternal Pessimist said...

It IS an outrage that there's no food in my house. A HUGE outrage.

But yeah, Richards' hit was dirty. It's unfortunate because I was just starting to like the guy too... =/ And TK's hit on Van Ryn.... yeah... it was dirty.... but I mean.. it doesn't take a whole lot to smash up Van Ryn. I'm not excusing TK's hit... just saying.... XD;

You should write something up about the goalies. I was going to write up something longer but then I ran out of motivation... .I keep meaning to write something up about Louis Leblanc too... meh... =p

Mike Brownstein said...

Regarding #1, They'll end up 2-74-6 (10 pts) :-P

Regarding #4, USA Hockey years ago has enforced a zero-tolerance head checking rule. I really would like to see that applied to the NHL.

Regarding #5, My fridge isn't really stocked either

Eternal Pessimist said...

I wish they could finish the season at 19-67 but that equals 86 games so... D:

I would definitely like to see the NHL implement a zero-tolerance policy with regards to shots to the head (regardless of intention, whether the guy's feet came off the ice, etc, etc, etc). It's not making the game less physical. It's making sure that players don't end up with serious brain injuries that can follow them for the rest of their lives.

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