I hate Baby Habs

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Phillippe and Gabriel are TOTALLY plotting against the Juniors. Well, Phillippe is. I think Gabriel is trying to figure out if he`s shorter than Philippe or not. 

There. I said it. It's the first time and it might not be the last if I end up seeing the Voltigeurs play again. The Voltigeurs have two baby Habs (Dumont and Levebvre) and of COURSE they both had to score tonight. I should be happy that potential future Habs did well tonight but it's REALLY hard to when I've decided to commit to the Juniors.... hdaskhqwiuorhy....

ANYWAY... The game...

Let's put it this way: the Voltigeur aren't on top of the whole flipping league for no reason and they have still retained a lot of that whole "ATTACK!" bit about them from last year (and cue the "DAMN YOU GUY BOUCHER" thoughts in EP's head). And either Dumont is just fast or the Juniors were REALLY slow tonight. Probably both.

Jake turned into a five year old during the intermission! Actually they had these adorable little kids played a quick `game` in-between periods. I`m sorry to say that this little guy had more saves than Jake did tonight. 

Poor Jake is not having a good week at all. More ducking cost the Juniors the first goal of the game. Juniors tied it on a 5 on 3 PP. They then went up 2-1 but then it all went downhill. A total garbage goal put the Voltigeurs up permanently in the third and from then they scored again almost right after. Juniors got one back and came close to tying it but then some Voltigeur not named Dumont or Lefevbre scored an empty netter. BOO.


We figured that the Juniors would have a tough last week. Their opponents weren't pushovers. Quite the opposite. Quebec, Gatineau, Moncton and Drummondville ALL lead their divisions. Tough luck for a team that was about average coming into that streak of games. They had a close game against the Remparts and against Moncton and it was pretty close tonight. But still, I know Guy is now coaching the Hammies and the Voltigeurs are quite a different team from last year (no Kulikov!) but I'm not a fan.

A few notes:
  • The Voltigeurs look FAT. I was about to attribute this to the fact that they just wear huge equipment and all that jazz, but upon checking some stats... they really are fat. Well, on average, their team ranks third in weight. That's way ahead of the Juniors who are fifteenth (out of eighteen). Before you say it, the Voltigeurs are the second shortest team on average. Baie-Comeau is last and the Juniors are in fifteenth. So really, they are short and chubby. I might need to call them the Drummondville Chubbies. 
  • I hope nobody is regretting picking Jake for the super series versus the Russians in November. Jake is better than this. He'll show everyone!
  • I wonder what the Voltigeurs' PK record is. I'm sure it's good. In fact, I'll just blame the almost total non-success on the fact that the Voltigeurs are amazingly wonderful at the PK as opposed to the Juniors being god awful on the PP!
  • HEY! Sean Couturier from the Chubbies was born in Phoenix! Whaddya know..... 
  • Can I be the first to say that Lefebvre is IMPOSSIBLE to photograph??? Observe: 


Really..... I have a whole sequence of photos of him where he`s making all kinds of dorky faces. See here. He looks MUCH better as a Hab:


Still making faces though.....!

Oh and... Guy.... umm, I don't really hate you. How can I when the Hammies shut out the Rampage? Missed it all of course, but it's always sweet when the Hammies blank someone. So yeah... umm... keep it up, please Hammies? Do what Guy tells you to do. Unless he's telling you to cheer for the Voltigeurs. Then ignore him.


Grrrreg said...

I had to look who were Dumont and Lefebvre,I didn't remember they were habs prospects...

Do the Juniors have a lot of fans? How many people go see their games? And are their tickets cheap? I'm asking because I think I remember I read somewhere that juinor hockey teams used to have trouble to be successful in Montreal.

Eternal Pessimist said...

It's a little easy to forget about Dumont 'cause he was drafted, but didn't show up to any of the camps because he had an injury from the end of last year. Lefebvre was the kid who got the nice shiny contract after trying out with the team at the camps.

I'm actually going to write something up about the Juniors (started writing here but took up too much space *G*). Gimme a sec.

Number31 said...

Dumont and Lefebvre are FAST! I also find Dumont reminds me of Lapierre, and not just 'cause they wear the same number XD Zippity little shit disturber! (If he grows taller, then he'd really be Lapierre).

Oh hey Habs, Stich isn't drafted~! I'd love to see him in our system...

Eternal Pessimist said...

Dumont is totally a shit disturber. Totally *nods* if he played for my team, I would love him. As it is..... *grumbles*

Stich would be nice to have. The Juniors got their first goal by him blasting the puck from the point. He's had a few tryouts with the Rags but they didn't sign him... no reason why the Habs can't pick him up! I'd also really like it if the Habs picked up Eli (Sherbatov). I really, really, really like him.

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