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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Habs stomped on the Islanders!

Granted, the Islanders were pooped from winning last night.

But like I said before, I'm taking this win and running with it. A win is a freaking win.

The good: 
  • The defensive effort by the Habs
  • The Islanders were pooped
  • Patches. Looked like a new guy out there once he scored. 
  • Metro coming back. Wow, shows you how sad our third/fourth lines were without him
  • MAG's shot. But all us cool people following the Habs knew he has one hell of a shot. 
  • The PP tonight! Went 2 for 6!
The bad
  • no epically awesome Squeaky Marty fail....
  • Jaro fail....  (see below)
By the numbers: 

100% - Dagger's faceoff percentage. Okay, so he only had one faceoff but still!
62% - Richard Park's faceoff percentage. Felt like it too.
43 - the number of shots for the Habs. FOR THE HABS.
29 - shots blocked by the Islanders. Squeaky Marty says thank you for that. Kinda.
21 - Saves made by Jaro
18:15 - Metro's ice time. Think we missed him? Just a bit?
- Patches ice time.He had a solid night. Apparently he has heard me saying that he should be in the AHL.
10 - total of missed hits by both teams
6 - SOG for Gio. The most of everyone. MAG, Patches and Gomer had 5.
5  - Number of hits for Moen.
4 - Giveaways by Hammer
3 - The number of times the whole "Biiiiiirooooooon" chant started. Okay, so this is a totally made up stat. I have no idea how many times they chanted Squeaky Marty's name. Suffice to say, it was chanted and it's still cool to be mean to Squeaky.
2 - the number of PP goals for the Habs
1 - goals scored by Patches, Max and MAG. All their first goals of the season too!
1 - hits by Hal Gill. Yes, someone was standing still long enough to get hit by Gill. Unbelievable, eh? [edit: apparently he had 2 hits tonight. Not sure where the other one came in]
1 - Idiotic mistakes by Jaro. He's been talking to Huet or something about how to handle the puck. The twerp could have had a shutout tonight but nooooooo.... he had to go and give away a shorthanded goal for the Islanders. Poop. Jake, do NOT copy Jaro in that regard. DO NOT. Although, you might want to take note that Jaro isn't DUCKING away from the puck.
0 - the French Marshmallow's time on special teams. Also, I'm pretty sure he didn't throw a hit all night either....
-2 - Tavares' +/- for the night.

Oh and.... the most important:

5 - the number of goals scored by the Habs (Gomer and Squishy added to the whole Patches, MAG and Max tally).
1 - the number of goals given to the Islanders. Courtesy of Jaro.


In other news:
  • Booins lose in a shootout to the Flyers. Mike Richards looks hilarious in a toque. 
  • Sens lose 6-5 to the Preds in a wild game that the Preds should've put away in regulation time
  • Caps win 5-4 over the Thrashers. Pavelec wasn't about to rob any games tonight as he let in a 175 foot long goal.... umm yeah, Schultz was behind the blue line in his own defensive zone when he scored.... Simmy got an assist. Kovalchuk says "yay! I'm tied with Ovie for number of goals". 
  • Sharks got mauled by the Bolts, losing 5-2. 
And in things I don't care about:
  • Whether Ovie slew-footed Peverley or not and whether he should be suspended for it. He's not Artyukhin (who was suspended for actually slew-footing someone). Give it up. 
  • This so-called "goalie controversy" in Montreal. There is no controversy. Baby goalie plays well in one game. Baby goalie gets to start again. Other baby goalie will get to have a stab at the Rags. No controversy. And no, we're not trading Jaro and bringing up Sanford. We're not. 
  • the Devils 


Number31 said...

We'll bring up Sanford if you want more goalie fail.... Actually he's better than Jaro at playing the puck, but his rebounds are actually worse.

HEY! They suspended Pleky for 2 games for a so-called slew-footing of some Oiler when he didn't slew-foot him. The jerks!

Grrrreg said...

I agree with you on the goalies situation: when both of your goalies are doing ok, there's no controversy. Halak made a stupid mistake yesterday, but he had 2 good games. And Price has not been the problem when the habs lost: his season start is pretty honorable. He was the key in the first two wins, and he played ok since then.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Number31 - Those rebounds will be the death of Sanford.... D:

And seriously, I don't think people really even know what slew-footing someone is.... ><

Grrrreg - I feel a tad bad for Price because I think even Pogge could have won the game if he had been in nets. I think it would've been a good idea to give Price a bit of a confidence booster. But there isn't a controversy. Both goalies have been good so far and Price is definitely responsible for our first two wins.

Number31 said...

Media making shit up~! Probably 'cause the Leafs actually have a goalie controversy...with their main goalies both injured for a bit now...

Habs are lucky. Calgary has to ride Kipper to the death. Raycroft is actually playing better than Luongo but they ride Luongo ('til he's injured). Caps hide their goalie problems with massive offense, Hawks try to do the same, Rags ride Lundqvist all the way...

Seriously. Goaltending is the least of our concern. But there's a sick bunch of fans who for some unknown reason want Price to fail which is absolutely RETARDED.

Eternal Pessimist said...

.......and not just Price either... half of twitter was calling for Jaro to be replaced by the Priceberg after the first period tonight...


Number31 said...

If the Rags had scored one more, they would have switched. One of the coaches told Price to get ready. He was warming up on the bench XD

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