Hammies hang on for a win!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wheeee! Hammies extend their winning streak to 3! Whoo!

Crazy game in Chicago tonight... Someone explain why the Baby Thrashers play in Chicago? I was really confused when I heard that Angelo Esposito was playing because he's totally a Baby Thrasher now. Poor thing.

First period was a real scoring fest. Wolves opened up the scoring with a PP goal from Kozek. Thankfully that didn't last too long though as Brrrrock Trotter got one back a few mins later. Now, Sergei got a goal next but Flandersdude missed it because they were on a commercial break. They indicated a commercial break but then they didn't actually go to a break so while I was listening to an add for vacuums, Sergei was scoring. Go figure.

Flandersdude was kinda upset by this whole thing but ultimately it didn't really matter 'cause Sergei had another one to open up the second period. He came THIS close to a hattrick but got robbed and Maxwell got the goal. He was totally on fire tonight. It makes me sad to think that he's doing this just so he can be traded though... bad Sergei! Anyway...This made it 4-1 for the Hammies but the Wolves came back with two goals. Which was then followed by a goal from Russel. This whole period took forever and ever and ever. There also seemed to be a lot of confusion with the people handling the whole commercial break thing (Flandersdude informed us after that this was because the guy they normally had was missing his first game in forever and ever and ever. Hence nobody knew what to do).

Anyway, Anderson (the Wolves one) made things complicated by scoring with 5 mins left in the third and put the Wolves within one goal. Flailing time! Frazzle time! Of course it didn't help that the Ref had gone to sleep for the entire third period. But the Hammies hung on and won. Whoo!

Ced was in nets and despite being bailed out by the posts a couple of times, played a really solid game. Two of the Wolves goals came from point blank range. That isn't too good. Hammies need to work on keeping the enemy anyway from the goalies. Special teams - in particular that infamous PP - was a bit of a bust tonight. I foresee lots of practice on those. There is a good reason why PK isn't playing here yet (besides the fact that even HIS enthusiasm will get crushed here). He's been playing somewhat undisciplined and sloppy hockey lately. I'm sure it's stuff that can be fixed but don't listen to anyone who says he should be playing up here soon. Someone who could be playing here soon is Marc-Andre Bergeron. He's been absolutely on fire so far.

So yeah. Back-to-back wins in back-to-back games. That's how you handle a roadtrip! Yay Hammies!

Three stars went to Sergei, Kozek (who had two of the Wolves' four goals) and Ryan Rrrrussel. Whoo!

In other news:

Novak doesn't have an answer to the Habs problems either. He's got enough problems to deal with.
  • Apparently the Habs were playing tonight. Could've fooled me. After a dominate first period that produced pretty much nothing for 19 minutes, the Habs decided to call it a night despite going into the 2nd tied at 1. Seen this movie before. This loss gives us the third worst record in the East. Only the Isles and the Leafs suck more. Thank gawd for the Leafs though. 7 straight losses. I don't know what we'd do without them. [yes, I just relegated the Habs to the "in other news" section. I have nothing new to say about their struggles so they're staying here until I have something new to say]
  • Speaking of who wasn't playing, apparently I forgot that the Juniors were playing too. They got blanked 3-0 by the division leading Gatineau somethingrathers. Oops....
  • Ovie pretty much single-handedly dropped the Preds. He had the Caps two regulation goals and the only goal in the entire shootout. Thank you Ovie.
  • Phoenix just totally beat the Bruins 4-1. Shocking, I know.
  • Boring Marty had a shutout against the Whalercanes.... whoopy....
  • Peachhawks lose to the Stars...


Number31 said...

Sergei needs to grow up and play here. If he thinks he can be Mr. Rockstar, he better wise up. And geez poor Pricey! People really want to blame him? Thank god the coach has more brains than that... I mean, our goaltending is enough to win games but no one else is doing anything to help. Pretty soon we'll see Price on the point shooting hard wristers top shelf with a paddle stick.

And Bergeron might not be great defensively but damn we need his production... I smell a win. I smell it. Too bad the Trashers are also on fire. (Or the Devils just really suck, which is entirely possible). Frack!

Desjardins hasn't played a game since preseason :S Dogs have a weird schedule...

Grrrreg said...

There's one thing that I like about the start of the season so far: I'm surprised by the way the media are virtually all saying that the team needs more time, and that the losing streak is not the end of the world. It's surprising to see how little criticism the habs are facing so far: no one is really questionning Martin's choices, and besides Hal Gill, no one is really singled out by the fans and the media. I know this will change soon if the habs keep on losing, but so far, they have not been treated too harshly by the press and the fans I think.

No one can make fun of the leafs anymore in Montreal. Now we're just praying they keep on losing because it makes the habs look less stupid. When you can't properly enjoy a 7 games losing streak from the Leafs, you know the Habs are in trouble too...

(And I see you're starting adding random rrrr's to the players names. I can only approve of this!)

Eternal Pessimist said...

I'm not mad at the Habs...Just out of creative ways to say 'we lost!' and actually...I was kinda paying more attention to the Hammies game which was a lot of fun to listen to. I'm trying to be positive here (shocker, I know). I still love the Habs a lot more than the morons booing them last night..seriously, why pay all that money to just boo them??

Begeron should play if only because of that rocket he can shoot on the PP...

Grrrreg - I'm enjoying the Leafs losses. Only thing other than Ovie keeping me sane in the NHL =D And yeah, the Rs.. Flandersdude keeps doing it so now I automatically do it =D

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