Derp, I'm 1 for 3 in the last two days

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rather irrelevant to the game (other than the fact that Levasseur played in it) but I thought it was funny. Reminds me of Peachfuzz and how he sticks out his mouthguard all the time.

So the Juniors pulled a Habs and lost 2-1. Right down to the strong first period but couldn't bury their chances, to the weaker second period, to the "OMG REF. Call the freaking penalty. Oh crap, the other team just scored on what should have been a bloody penalty!".

But all in all it was a really good game and somehow I feel a lot better about this loss than I do about the Habs loss.

The atmosphere in Verdun was really good. Way too many Remparts fans for my liking though. But it kept things noisy. Too noisy actually. I nearly tossed one of those horn things at the annoying kids who were blowing them all night. As much as I like the certain charm that the Verdun Auditorium has, it echoes. Like, way more than the Bell Centre can even dream of. And all the echoing hurts my ears. If it wasn't the music (that I'm sure they just stole from the Bell Centre *g*) it was the annoying sound making things or the kids with horns... Owwies.

Despite what I said about the "lousy" second period, I think it was more the fact that the Remparts stepped it up more than the Juniors taking their foot off of the gas pedal. I really expected the Remparts to walk all over the Juniors but they didn't. The Juniors did an admirable job keeping them away from Jake for the most part. And just they need to learn how t to convert on their chances more (hm, maybe it's a Montreal thing??).

Both goalies were great tonight. I'll be biased and say Jake was heaps better, although really, Gagnon played well too (although, really, if his stupid teammate hadn't bailed him out at the last split second, we would have won the game. MEH).

And... yeah.. shootouts... hate them. Hate them with a passion. Only one goal was scored and it was a Remparts player. Well, not any old player. It was Dmitri Kugryshev. You know him as a Caps prospect (also, I'm quite sure he's the guy who didn't put the puck into the empty net at the Canada/Russia world juniors final last year. Could be wrong though). Yeah. Just what the Caps need. Another Russian who can score goals. Oh boy...

Injury report: I think Xavi (Ouellet) is injured.... he smacked into the boards and got up about a minute later holding his wrist.....[edit: yup. He's gone for 2 months. Poor kid!]

On a rather random note: I love how the PA guys says Gouchie's name. It's like "GOOO-chee". Kinda like how the PA guy in Boston goes "WHOOOooooooo". Only with "Gouchie" instead of "Whooo". You know what I'm saying here?

In summary: Good solid effort by the Juniors. Now BURY THAT PUCK next time!

Like Weber did in OT for the Hammies.

Yeah, missed the whole thing, but the Hammies won in OT against... I have no idea. But they won. So YAY!

Pictures are over there *points to sidebar*

I am Patrick Roy. I am going to stand here in the shadows and glare at you. RAR!!!


Grrrreg said...

Damn! Your teams are not really kind with you...

This Patrick Roy picture is scary.

I hope you'll keep on posting about the Junior and the Hammies. It's nice to read about them too!

Number31 said...

Patrick Roy sets sticks to "KILL". He's a secret agent man.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Grrreg - I know, right?! But I really like the effort by the Juniors tonight. I really expected the Remparts to demolish them but they didn't. And the ratio of morons was WAY down from at the Bell Centre. :D AND OF COURSE I'll continue writing about the Juniors and the Hammies. I'll be at another Juniors game next week XP

Number31 - omg, seriously D: I've decided that Roy scares the crap out of me.

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