Discontent indeed!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

No, not me. Komisaurus. Jeez, since when has he become such a dirty player? Maybe I'm remembering things through rose coloured glasses but seriously, there was no way he was like this all the time. I would've remembered if he had logged 15 penalty minutes per game... right?

I'm sure Markov isn't happy after being unintentionally injured by Price's skate after he was dumped. Really hope he's okay.

Also, I'm sure the Booins are quite discontent after losing 4-1 to Caps. Ovie and Laich with all the goals and some Booin with the loan goal.

As much as I'd love to chronicle all the wrongdoings of Mike Komisarek, I won't. Instead... let's just talk about my great last two days, okay? YAY!

Okay. So.

  • Price was solid as anybody could who faced 40 or so shots.
  • Vesa was.... well, Vesa. You know what that means. It means I go "It's time for some Toskalafail" and literally a minute later the Habs score. True story.
  • fighty fighty fighty within the first 5 mins! Only thing is.... it was Laraque and Orr... Still not convinced it was entirely spontaneous. But as long as the Leafie lost, who cares, right?
  • Giooo with the first goal of the night! I'm loving this guy. Also, thanks Komisarek for providing the PP.
  • Boo Ponikarovski scored. I keep thinking the Leafs traded him.... Oh wait, that was Antropov... whatever.
  • Komisarek has a thing about smacking the Habs upside the head. The hell, Mike? You're not jealous or anything are you?
  • Boo, Ponikarovski with a goal....
  • MOOOOOEEEEEEEN who's name I'm still trying to figure out how to say properly - with a goal! Oh yes!
  • Someone tell the Habs that taking two penalties virtually at the same time is stupid. And it leads to goals against them. AHEM.
  • Now remind me how it is that when VESA attacks a Hab and KOMISAREK holds said Hab down that the Habs have to go on the PK? Seriously? Also, Moen attempted to fight Komisarek. Didn't go over too well.
  • And explain why the hell the Leafs scored on that. GUH
  • Oh hi, Komisarek back in the penalty box. Man, you sure seem to like it in there. There must be candy in there or something. Why else would you.... OH METRO WITH A GOAL! METRO WITH A GOAL! YEAH! Assists go to Gorges, Mara and Komisarek. Komisarek is on a roll. His second assist of the night.
  • OT TIME.
  • GORGES with the OT winner! GORGES with the OT winner!
  • Martin actually smiled when they won. The guy is capable of smiling! Maybe it was 'cause it was his birthday...? Nice birthday present.


Grrrreg said...

Waking up and learning that the habs beat the leafs in Toronto thanks to a goal by Gorges. What a good way to start a day!

Oh, and congrats about the new blog name. A Shakespeare reference, no less? That's classy!

Eternal Pessimist said...

I'm STILL smiling about it this morning. This doesn't bode well for my "Operation: Don't get too emotionally involved in the Habs". But yeah... Thanks! I kinda like the new name. Even if I quite detest this particular Shakespeare play :D

Number31 said...

To Komisarek, or not to Komisarek: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler to high stick players in the face or cross check midgets when no ref is looking, and sit in the box for two goals against.

Get used to that Leafs Nation. Adieu.

Eternal Pessimist said...

LOL! Brilliant :D

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