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Sunday, September 13, 2009

What. A. Day.

In terms of sports.

In order:
  • 12:00 Sox begin their first game against the Rays
  • 2:00 EP participates in her first ever fantasy hockey draft. Somehow I ended up with Chara. Don't ask how. I just traded for him. Yeah, I probably was on the losing end of the deal. Whatever. My goal is to finish last anyway.
    3:00ish Sox win against the Rays
  • 3:30 EP learns that Delpo has beaten Rafa and will be in the US Open final
  • 4:00 Juniors take on... Whatever the name of the team is in Victoriaville. EP forgets that they are playing because she's screaming at Roger.
  • 5:00 Sox take to Fenway again for their second game against the Rays
  • 6:30 EP remembers that the Juniors were playing and runs to find out what happened. Juniors won 4-1. YEAH!
  • 7:00 Roger gets the point of the flipping match (highlights to come soon) which happened to bring him to match point on Nole's serve. Roger wins. HUZZAH!
  • 8 something: EP learns that the Sox have swept the Rays. HAH!
Somewhere in there I also bought another set of Juniors tickets as a very,very,very,very,very,very,very early birthday present (they're playing in Verdun on my birthday). YEAH!

Roger played amazingly. Nole was reduced to begging at several points during the match. Which was probably more due to the fact that Nole just felt like being theatrical than the fact that he was playing badly. Because this was the best he's played this year in a Grand Slam. Heck, it's probably the best he's played all summer. When push came to shove, Roger came up with the points that he needed to get and he came up with the drop dead amazing shots to do it.

Too awesome.


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