Sergei back to the Hammies

Monday, September 28, 2009


I was. Sorta. Kinda.

Until I looked at the waiver situation. And then I wasn't.

All together now: "WAIVERS SUUUUUUUUUUCK".

Really. Only Patches, Sergei, Maxwell and.... somebody and Pyatt can go back to the Hammies without clearing waivers. That's right. If they want to send Stewie or Dagger back, they have to clear waivers. Which means we take the huge risk of letting some idiotic team picking them up.

When it comes down to Patches or Sergei being sent back, then really, there's no contest. Patches has been less injured and he's had a great training camp + a good pre-season. Sergei has been..... injured and hasn't looked fantastic. Maybe this'll work as a nice wake up call for big bro Andrei too (*coughs*).

So back to Hammie-town with you, Sergei. Please don't sulk (although I suspect you will for a little bit). Go out there, light up the AHL (and squash a few Marlies for me, okay?) and come back. I want you to come back, but not if you're going to be all mopey and lazy. I don't want that.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd.....apparently the Leafs fans want to waive Vesa. DON'T WAIVE VESA. C'mon, it's bad enough the Flyers ditched Squeaky Marty. I want to have my fun laughing at the Leafs and the Flyers. KEEP THE FAILTENDERS.


Grrrreg said...

Aww, poor Sergei... I'm surprised they have to waive Stewie though. I thought it depended on the age or number of games played. Is Stewie really older than Kostitsyn? Weird.

I hope they talked with him and he'll understand why he's being sent down. There were rumors he was pissed last time he was sent to Hamilton. I don't want Sergei to think he'd be better off in another franchise. That would be a big waste.

And this is a very good reason to hope that the leafs will keep Vesa! :D

Eternal Pessimist said...

Oh you HAD to ask about the waiver situation.

I spent all last night looking at it so I'm all semi-informed. *cracks knuckles*

Basically there's a few factors involved. 1) their age when they sign their FIRST contract 2) how many years have passed since they signed the contract 3) how many games in the NHL they've played.

Stewie was drafted in 2004 but didn't sign with the Habs in 2006. That would've made him 20. 20 year olds are subject to waiver exemption for 3 years or until they've played 160 games. Whichever comes first. He hasn't played 160 games but his three years were up at the end of last year.

Sergei on the other hand... Let's see here... He's a year younger than Stewie... Like Stewie, he wasn't signed until he was 20. Now, in theory he would've had until the end of this year to be exempt from waivers, however he's played in 121 NHL games (including playoffs which count) which is very close to 160. Once he hits 160 it's waiver time.


Yes, they need to keep Vesa.

And yeah, I hope they work with him and help him get better in Hammietown rather than just hoping that he'll get the message. Sergei has a lot of talent. He can play here. And I'd love to see him play here. But I think Martin feels he needs to work on his work ethic if he wants to stay. And sulking about being sent back to Hammietown is the best way to STAY here.

Grrrreg said...

So Stewie was signed one year before Kostitsyn? I had no idea... Well thanks for explaining everything!
Was the CBA a fun read?

Eternal Pessimist said...

I had no idea he was signed before Sergei either. Makes sense, I guess, considering he's older...? Mind you, they're both very late round picks... Anyway, yeah, Stewie signed in 06 and Sergei signed in 07.

Yes, the CBA is actually a lot of fun to read *g* I usually read it while eating dinner or procrastinating other stuff :D

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