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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Okay, make that 9 things.
  1. Five Hammies were sent back to Hammie-town. Maxwell, Pyatt, Carle, Weber and Sanford were sent back.
  2. Why are there rumors that Sergei will skip town for the KHL? In all honesty, I can see him doing it HOWEVER, I have a feeling that these rumors are just a bunch of crap.
  3. Peachhawks demolished HC Davos last night 9-2.
  4. Peachhawks then fell to the Zurich Lions 2-1 for the Victoria Cup thingy.
  5. I LOVE the crowd in Zurich though. So much singing and tons of enthusiasm. So awesome. I wish we would sing a bit more here in Montreal.
  6. Fact: I almost picked Zurich as my "random team to follow in some European league". I actually picked Bern first but upon learning that a certain Itty Bitty had played for them, I picked Zurich only to then change it to HC Lugano (yes, Huet and Metro both played for Lugano at some point in their careers and yes, Lugano sucked last year).
  7. Why is this place saying that Gio will be the new captain?
  8. Someone explain what the hell Mr. Perky is doing signing with the Coyotes? DAMN YOU.
  9. Speaking of Gio... Just saw this Gio goal on some highlight thingy on RDS the other day. Had to find it again.

Although... If you ever saw that one where he just floated the puck up and over Nittymaki.... I love that one too. If only because it shows how epically faily the Flyers goalies are. Failyfailyfaily.


Number31 said...

Time for Operation Save Lang from the Coyotes! Calling the Kostitsyn to get their "contacts"...

Grrrreg said...

Well at least he got a contract. Sure it's a lousy team, but I'm pretty happy anyway.

Eternal Pessimist said...

*wails* it still hurts to see ex-Habs going somewhere else

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