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Friday, September 11, 2009

Because I said so.

  • I hate mornings, trains, really any form of public transit and I hate not having caffeine when I wake up. However, I dealt with all of those to head off to see the rookies. Yeah, I'm such a martyr. NOT. But it was great to go out there again (thank you to All Habs for helping this poor girl without a car get out there).

  • Byebye Gillet. It was nice having you around and I'm sorry you had to sell the Habs because you really didn't think it through before buying Liverpool. You helped turn my team around to the point that I will now risk my sanity to go buy tickets for. Thank you! I mean it. Thank you.

  • Hey, what's this? Boivin getting all uppitty because reporters were saying that the Habs don't have enough French peeps on their team? Interesting. You tell them, Pierre! I think. Maybe. I dunno.

  • I'm trying a new tactic this year. It's called: Pretend the media doesn't exist.

  • Apparently Air Canada has been banned from making mutiple stops within the USA. This affects hockey in that our teams use Air Canada to travel to the desert and the beach. Great.

  • Another round of legal stuff in Phoenix. Seriously, I wish I could've been there when King Gary took the stand.

  • Speaking of Phoenix.... and Toronto....and this supposed veto power they have to keep other teams out of their area... There was an interesting conversation on the Fan 590 about what it would take to get another team into Southern Ontario. Not necessarily Phoenix, but any franchise. The basic premise being that the Leafs could demand a huge sum of money to allow a team into their area.

  • They should put a roof over Arther Ashe stadium at the US Open so matches won't get rained out for days on end.


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