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Friday, August 7, 2009

Some poor stinker who commented on a TSN story about the WJC (who's summer camp got underway this week) had this to say:

As much as I love the world juniors more than anything, I really don't care about the summer camp. Its summer, can we go...two weeks without talking about hockey?

I had to mention it here because I think it's like the antithesis of what happens on this blog. It may be hot outside and there may be very little hockey being played, but that is no excuse not to talk about the wonderful sport. There is no offseason.


Number31 said...

Hockey players usually only take one month off anyway unless you're Subban, who hit the ice almost right after the playoffs ended for him and started warming up with his little brother by taking shots at him. (He's a goalie, got drafted by the Bulls too).

Camps are always running! And anyway I'd rather they talk about that over some convoluted rumor!

Eternal Pessimist said...


And I didn't know PK had a baby goalie brother! Aww, PK is awesome =)

YourHabs said...

This guy is probably one of those "fly by night" hockey fans. If only he knew about the "underground" of discussions we have.

Eternal Pessimist said...

The poor guy would probably go insane if they ever saw how active a lot of people are during the offseason.

Yves said...

NHL Hockey has no down time.

1. Training camps
2. Pre-season
3. Regular season
4. Playoffs
5. Pre-draft
6. Draft
7. Pre-UFA
8. UFA
9. Rookie camps,Team Golf tournaments....etc.

Then start over.

There are some slower times without much visible hockey movement.... but that's when we get to imagine and write about what the teams are doing in the off season.


That poor fellow.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Not to mention there's AHL hockey, major junior hockey and random other hockey stuff to follow too. It's always time to talk about hockey =)

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