Oh look who just turned 2

Friday, August 7, 2009


He doesn't deserve half the attention that he gets around here but myeh, I was bored so I drew this:

I wonder if Teddy and Blankie will be making a special appearance at that Sid the Kid Hall of Fame thing? I mean, the dryer that he destroyed with pucks is going to be there (DRYER ABUSE!).



Grrrreg said...

Crosby looks quite nice in this cartoon. Hmm, maybe you're starting to like him a little after all? :P

EP said...

You injure me with your false accusations, good sir. It is widely know and accepted that I do greatly oppose the one who is known as "Crysob". Do not ruin my good name with such words that are clearly untrue.

(umm no idea where THAT came from XD but really, i thought there was something quite pathetic about the cartoon?)

Number31 said...

I noticed on tv the pants he was wearing made his butt look super huge. Bad choice, kid!

Eternal Pessimist said...

I heard that. I can't draw huge thighs/butts on a stick figure though....XD

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