hockey notes from Quebec City

Friday, August 21, 2009

So I was in Quebec City for the last two days for a mini vacation. Despite the fact that the Nordiques aren't a team anymore there were still minor hockey notes worth reporting:
  • Are the Nordiques really gone? You wouldn't know it but the amount of stuff that they sell. Keychains, mugs, jerseys, shirts, magnets, etc, etc, etc. Jeez. If you didn't know anything about hockey you wouldn't know that they didn't have a team.

  • I also stepped into my favorite hockey store in the old city and noticed that they sold Remparts shirts. At least they're supporting the team that they still have.

  • The tour guide - yeah, I took a tour - was rather fond of mentioing that Quebec City did indeed win a Stanley Cup. With the Quebec Bulldogs. Sadly for the tour guide, this info wasn't new to me and I failed to be overly impressed. Sorry.

  • I found TSN on my TV in the hotel and caught Burke attempting to make some symphony analogy with the Leafs. It didn't work and at least Burke admitted that he had no clue what he was talking about. But I died laughing at him anyway. I think a better analogy would've been "trainwreck".

  • I didn't buy my pre-rec Habs item in QC this time. Instead I bought a keychain with a team canada jersey on it. The guy was smart enough not to offer the Nordiques keychain to me. I wanted so badly to buy the Ovie jersey but I ran out of money. Also... I really wanted to ask the guy why they were selling Leafs hats and Yankees stuff. It was gross.

  • I stuck out my tongue at the Voltigeurs on my way up and on the back from Quebec City.

  • The vending machine didn't take my Habs dollar. It took my other normal boring dollar but not my pretty Habs dollar. I think it's pro-grammed to be pro-Nordiques.

  • Cameron Frye gathered a pile of female hockey fans and asked them to name 5 reasons why they loved hockey. Some great answers can be seen here (what? You honestly thought you'd get something NOT random from me? HAHAHAHA)
And finally, I'd like to offer my deepest sympathies to Jose Theodore's family. If you missed it, Jose's 2 month old son died the other day. Details - as far as I know - weren't given.


Number31 said...

Quebec City is in denial about the Nordiques.

Eternal Pessimist said...

It is. It's really sad actually...

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