Smurf Village

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away... wait, that's the wrong story. In a land far far away there was a place called "The Cursed Land". To reach it one had to travel through deep forests, deep marshes, a scorching desert and a high moutain...oh and a traffic-filled bridge. Nobody could ever find it however because the road signs were awful.

But moving on... In a small corner of this land was Smurf Village. In this village lived the... Smurfs (Duh). They were short little people who lived in mushroom houses. And they loved their hockey. Yes, they did. The Smurfs lived, breathed and almost tasted hockey. Everyday the Smurfs would either watch hockey, talk about hockey or plan about hockey. Like I said, the Smurfs loved their hockey.

Now...In this land there lived an evil wizard. Technically he went by the name of Gargamel but most people knew him as Gary. Gary had a strange obsession with trying to rid the world of the Smurfs. Nobody knew exactly why he hated the Smurfs, but it was a fact that he hated them. He keeps the Smurfs' long lost cousins trapped in The Great Desert of Phoenix for crying out loud! Every day, Gary would plot various way of trying to destroy the Smurfs of Smurf Village. He would often talk aloud and so his pet cat Azrael Campbell could listen in. Even though Gary doesn't treat Azrael Campbell very well, he still goes along with all his evil plots in the hopes that he can catch - and eat - a Smurf.

Anyway, in general the Smurfs didn't pay much attention to Gary because his plans were usually really stupid and they didn't really work most of the time anyway. Usually they just went about their business... hockey! The Smurfs of Smurf Village even had their very own hockey team: The Montreal Smurfs! Naturally the Smurfs loved their team. On most days anyway. The Montreal Smurfs were going through some tough times however. One day most of the Smurfs from the team suddenly left. The cause was unknown but many believed that Gary was behind this. Why else would a good Smurf leave for the Wicked Land of the Leafs if he wasn't under some type of evil spell?

We don't know very much about the Smurfs who have come to replace our beloved team but we'll keep you up to date once we know more!


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