Now the Hammies break my heart...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Number31 says Steve Gainey isn't coming back to the Habbies....

This makes me very sad because I liked Steve when he did the commentary with Flandersdude when the other annoying dude wasn't there *sobs*

Okay FINE so it was only for a few games.... BUT STILL!

Can we hire Steve to do the commentary with Flandersdude? Please? Please? Please? Please?! His boring but very knowledgeable comments worked so well with Flandersdude's excitable babbling *g*


I want a nice big sign that says "Steve for Colour Commentator" *g* Sorry Al (who's name I just had to look up now)..... but Steve did a much better job....

And you didn't think I could get any more obsessed, eh? HAH!

Number31 also says Lehoux, Denis and Kemp are among those not coming back either *sobs some more* AND Stewie doesn't have a new contract yet. HELLO?! STEWIE IF YOU DO NOT SIGN SOMETHING SOON WITH THE HABS I WILL KICK SOMEONE!

I keep forgetting that Boucher is in as the new Hammies coach *mopity-mopey-mope-mope-mope* Dude, it's going to take a while for me to get over the fact that your dumb Drummondville Whatsits knocked out my Juniors..... mind you, I guess I could just try to remember that you were one of the coaches for Canada's Junior team.... maybe.... =/

(no, EP was not drunk while she wrote this... particularly excitable tonight)


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