My irrational thoughts about Komisarek the Leaf

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

See this? This is EP's hate-meter. It took about 5 seconds to think up. ANYWAY. As you can see, the Leafs rank the highest on the hate-meter followed by the Pens and then the Bruins (not sure what to do with the Flyers as their recent roster changes have made me slightly rethink how I felt about them last week.

Do you know what this means, Komisaurus?

It means, should Milan Lucic fight you when the Bruins and the Leafs play each other, that I will have no choice but to support Looch. I'm sorry, Mike. But I can't cheer for you. I can't. Leafs hate trumps everything. Everything.

I wished that you could've stayed. I really do. I liked you. A lot. I think you didn't live up to your potential this year, but not many players did. You're one of my Habs and I wished that it could've stayed that way. As it is, I'm kinda feeling a tad betrayed here. You could've picked so many teams. They told me that around TEN teams were interested in you. But you picked Toronto. You picked the Leafs. And in my very irrational state of mind right now, I'm very hurt by this. I respect that you're a free agent and have the freedom to chose whichever team you want but damnit, Mike, why the hell did you pick the Leafs? Damn.

I wish I could wish you the best of luck with your new team, but I can't. I'm sorry.

And Gainey.... I'm not happy with you right now. Not at all.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change my mind should Komisarek ever choose to leave Leafsnation. I also reserve the right to change my mind slightly once this has sunk in somewhat.


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