Looch for Team Canada?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It could happen. He was invited to the training camp in August. Seeing as I have Looch on the brain right now, I'd like to say that if he can promise not to take anyone's head off, he could be a good addition to the team. All he has to do is stand in front of the net threatening the goalie with physical harm, while the more talented people score.

And if Looch really really wants to be nice to me.... then he smash Crysob before the Olympics start so I don't have to worry about cheering against my country. C'mon Looch, you know you want to! We'll have enough other players who can score.

Anyway... the list of the remaining 46 players:

The goalies

Martin Brodeur (ew)
Roberto Luongo (yay?)
Marc-André Fleury (not Floppy Flambe)
Steve Mason (do we really want baby Steve?)
Cam Ward (Faily)

The D...

Jay Bouwmeester (he's Canadian?))
Dan Boyle (isn't he kinda ancient?
Scott Niedermayer (Surprise, surprise)
Chris Pronger (so he can elbow all those nasty Russians?)
Robyn Regehr (I totally didn't know he was Canadian either)
Dion Phaneuf (okay...)
Marc Staal (the non-creepy Staalclone)
Shea Weber (I want)
François Beauchemin (is he going to be a Hab?)
Brent Burns (erm..... I had no idea this guy existed)
Drew Doughty (oh I remember him)
Stéphane Robidas (hmmm)
Mike Green (YES! I WANT)
Dan Hamhuis (Yes)
Duncan Keith (He's a Peachhawk!)
Brent Seabrook (Peachbrook!)

The Twerpy Forwards

Sidney Crosby (UGH. DO NOT LIKE)
Shane Doan (hiii!)
Simon Gagné (hmmm)
Dany Heatley (EW. Do not want!)
Jarome Iginla (okie!)
Rick Nash (yes)
Joe Sakic (do they have snowblowers in Vancouver?)
Martin St-Louis (I want Shorty Marty)
Eric Staal (Staalclone..... eh)
Joe Thornton (No.)
Vincent Lecavalier (No)
Jeff Carter (hiiii)
Ryan Getzlaf (ew)
Milan Lucic (see above)
Patrick Marleau (erm)
Andy McDonald (I had no idea he existed either)
Brenden Morrow (wasn't he broken a lot last year?)
Corey Perry (twerpy!)
Mike Richards (eh, what the heck... can we have him?)
Derek Roy (ummm)
Patrick Sharp (oh yes!)
Ryan Smyth (umm)
Jordan Staal (ew)
Jonathan Toews (Captain Peachy!! Me want!)
Dan Cleary (sure)


Number31 said...

I really hate seeing NHL players in the Olympics. Want the Dream Team? Use it for the IIHF. The Olympics is for amateur sport. With Hockey Canada, you can't seriously tell me they can't grow a proper team that plays together and knows each other rather than hoping to get sudden chemistry? At least the list looks better than the last one, but Lucic won't last 5 minutes in Olympic hockey rules. SKILLS. His skill is jumping people from behind.

I'm also glad there are no Habs. I don't want Pricey to get hurt! Then again we'll see who's left standing by the time they have to play for the Olympics... (Luongo, Fleury tend to get injured by mid-season, Mason is under lock and key by Ken Hitchcock, Ward eh, Brodeur is FOOKING OLD, may as well get Roloson!)

Eternal Pessimist said...

I know, I know about Looch.... I was really surprised they asked him. I don't think he'd make the cut anyway. He's too violent *g* But I still think that if he wasn't killing people, he'd be pretty good on the 4th line. We can't just have toothpicks running around out there *g*

Isn't there something going on where Bettman doesn't want the NHLers to go to the Olympics in 2014? There's a bit of an uproar with the Russians about it because the next one is in Russia. It makes sense....kinda. But if they did that, then they'd have to keep all the pros out. And that means all those guys in the KHL and I don't see the KHL saying they won't send their players to the Olympics when it's going to be held in Russia. I guess the decision would have to come from the IIHF or the Olympic whatever to keep all the pros out (of course if they keep the pros out of hockey then they'd have to keep the pros out of the Olympics altogether. Which wouldn't be a problem necessarily, but I'm not sure I see it happening).

As it is, I do not like Canada's options for goailes. Ward and Fleury are too faily at the wrong times, Brodeur is old (but does have experience), Mason is too young, I think, and Luongo gets broken too easily....Grr...

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