Random Monday

Monday, July 27, 2009

Because it's high time we had a day filled with randomness!

EP gets her first taste of hockey

Okay, okay so it was street hockey. BUT STILL.
  • It was probably the first time I got to hold a real hockey stick
  • I didn't suck at shooting too much
  • Yes, I played goalie most of the time
  • No, I had no pads
  • Yes, the substitute puck (aka a orange ball) kinda hurt
  • Yes, I let in about 4 goals
  • I played "forward" for a bit
  • Yes, I scored
  • Yes, I had my Ovie shirt on
  • YES, I did the flaming stick of doom thing when I scored "game winner" (it was first team up to 10 goals wins *G*)
  • oh and yes, I did say "I win" and walked away (it was okay. I was playing with my sister and her friends)
  • I wanna play more now
I wouldn't be mentioing this if it wasn't the middle of the offseason and my poor blog wasn't waiting for me to write something. But yeah. Hockey is fun =)

Metro who?

Umm yeah, in all this "OMFG OUR TEAM JUST GOT BLOWN UP" stuff, we forget who IS staying. And Metro is one of the guys staying (right, Bob?!). Dennis Kane reposted this article about Metro on his blog.. I remember reading a similiar thing in some Habs magazine. If you haven't heard about Metro's life before he ended up in the NHL, go read it. If you have, then you know why I like this guy.

Avtsin doesn't want to be Ovie #2.

Found this interview about our recently acquired Russian.
So you feel like you can’t go anywhere with these Ovechkin comparisons. And in Russia in these days only title that Avtsin wants to be like Ovechkin…

It’s pleasant from a certain point of view. But imagine how much I have to work to get to his level. His level is like that (points a hand to his head), while mine is like that (points the other hand to the ground). And anyway I don’t want to be like him. Ovechkin is Ovechkin, and I have to be not Ovechkin, but Avtsin.

Butbutbutbutbut... Fine. You be yourself. Just make sure you get yourself over here to play!

Speaking of Ovie....

Saw this interview with the party animal. I'm pretty sure there's something slightly off with this translation but I just laughed anyway for no reason.

Evgeni Malkin in an interview said that he was going to seriously improve his English because, in his view, his communication with the journalists was not enough to get him the Hart Trophy. How would you look at it?

If someone believes that Hart Trophy is given only for communicating with the journalists, they can even start learning Chinese if they think it would help.

I can almost picture this.... the thing with Chinese is that if you put the wrong inflection on a word, then you could end up calling your mother a horse by accident.... Could you imagine the type of fail that could come out of an interview with Eggplant speaking Chinese in it? Oh the possibilities!

And... this may be an epic time waster but it's still epically fun:

Thanks to puckdaddy (link is in the sidebar) for alerting me to this place where you can design your own hockey jersey. Here's my first attempt:

I would've written "Pufffles Smashing" but it wouldn't let me... =(


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