Clearly I haven't taken to this "new team"...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Okay so I went looking for some stuff on youtube of our new team members. You know, in an effort to get to know more about them.

First up on the youtube search list was Scott Gomez.

I ended up with this video:


Little voice inside my head: You know we have Gomez now?

Me: Oh crap....GO KOIVU GO! YAY!

Next up was Cammalleri. After mispelling his name half a dozen times (whaddya mean the Habs didn't sign an octopus?), I finally found this:

Me: ummm.....

Little voice inside my head: I wonder if he still keeps golf clubs in his room in case someone decides to rob him... Oh maybe he'll invite Havlavt over and make him eat those fake plastic limes and then whack him upside the head with a golf club! HAHAHAHAHA....

Spacek's turn came next.

Me: Ow..... I wonder if there was permanent brain damage there?


And Hal Gill!


Little voice: Yeah, I'm sure Crysob will have a thing or two to say about that! He wants his own snuggy! GIVE THE CRYSOB HIS OWN SNUGGY DAMNIT!!!

Umm yeah *goes back to looking for something better*


Yves said...

I was watching the Gomez vs Koivu fight earlier today and considered posting it myself.

You know... you mentioned the spelling of Cammalleri... it took me until this spring to properly spell (and remember) Kostopoulos.

And now he's gone.

Check out some Travis Moen videos... you'll mostly find fights.. we're tougher this year.

Can't wait for the season.

Grrrreg said...

Nice collection of videos! It's good to learn a bit more about the new guys. Once you get used to the idea that some guys won't be back, I think it's actually a fun experience to have a completely different team to get used to. I mean, we don't know half of the team yet. Something like that won't happen too often. Next season could be really fun (I'm optimistic today).

I like Cammalleri's house, but we have to find him a shorter nickname, this is way too difficult to type!

Eternal Pessimist said...

Yves - I KNEW I was going to forget someone... I'll have to go looking for Travis now. And I could never ever spell Kostopoulos' name but I could get the Kostitsyn's brother's names right (and dis the anglicization of it too) XD

Grrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeg - Yeah... It could be fun. It's just taking a while to sink in still. But look for me to come up with some stupid nicknames for these new guys in the near future (especially for Cammalleri.... there are too many letters in that name)!

Number31 said...

Calamari had a sick sick house... Bet he'll pick up a nice place in old Montreal. Stocks his fridge with water. (At least it's not peanut butter like Price). And he'll hang his keys off a samurai sword. Badass.

Mike Brownstein said...

Hal Gill is a cult leader with his snuggie :-P

Eternal Pessimist said...

Price fills his fridge with peanut butter? That's kinda... sad....

I have a strong desire to hunt Hal Gill down and burn that snuggie...

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