You are kidding me...Higgins for Gomez?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You know, I said I thought Vinny was a talented player but he wouldn't be a good fit for the Habs. I also said that I thought his contract would hurt the Habs big time.

Friday night, I was so worried that Bettman would get up on that stage and say "we have a trade. The Montreal Canadiens trade their entire team for Vincent Lecavalier".

He didn't do it.

I thought we were safe.

.....aparently I was wrong.

Bob Gainey has traded Higgins, McDonagh, Valentenko and Janik for Scott Gomez, Pyatt and Busto.

So we couldn't take Vinny and his large contract so we grabbed Gomez and his HUGE contract? I almost wished he had landed Vinny instead....

Bob, I'm just praying that you have something else going on in that brain of yours because if not... You just made Sather of all people look like a flipping genius. And that, Bob, is a bad thing.


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