So I just watched the Habs '93 win...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yeah, I nabbed the DVD from my library. No hockey and no tennis makes me a sad person.

Anyway... it was really bizarre and really awesome at the same time. Random notes because I can:
  • I can't get over how young Carbo, Muller and Schneider look. I didn't see Breezer's face so I dunno what he looked like.
  • I like Muller better as a player than a coach. A lot better.
  • I was wondering what was wrong with Carbo... He was so quiet. And then he started getting angry at someone and then I knew this was indeed Carbo.
  • Melrose looks more annoying in 1993 for some reason....
  • There was exactly ONE Breezer play and it only ALMOST resulted in a goal. Let me repeat that: ONE Breezer play that only ALMOST resulted in a goal.
  • Announcers in 1993 are just as annoying as they are in 2009
  • How come I didn't know that Kelly Hrudey was the goalie for the Kings?
  • Well, now that I do know, I can say that I loved seeing him let in all those goals =p
  • What is with the ugly Wimbledon-esque sweaters worn by the trainers? Ew.
  • The Kings one goal was very ugly. Bounced off multiple posts =/
  • Seeing ex-coaches as players is still weird (hello Granato and Savard)
  • Ties were ugly in the 90s (hello Demers and Melrose)
  • The old Forum thingy looks pretty
  • Habs fans chanting "Go Habs Go" made me shiver. Or maybe it was just the really cold water I was drinking...
  • I'm pretty sure The Great One shook everybody's hands.....*coughs*
  • Running over the Habs goalie - no matter what decade it is - makes me unhappy...
  • When is Ron McLean going to retire? The guy has been around FOREVER and ever and ever and ever. PLEASE RETIRE! PLEASE!
  • I wuvs my Habbies =)

(I know this is lame... I'm having trouble making my brain write out half decent things here)


Number31 said...

Watching Kelly Hrudey fail is almost as fun as watching him try to resist the urge to smash Mike Milbury's head with his binder on HNIC.

Eternal Pessimist said...

How did Milbury even end up on HNIC anyway? =/

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