Roger gives me Halak-attacks...

Friday, June 5, 2009

There's nothing like eating a Roland Garros towel after you win a match =)

Seriously, I was ready to have a mental breakdown after the Fed went down 2 sets to 1 while looking absolutely horrendous doing so. I saw his poor father in the stands. He kept walking around nervously. Poor Mr. Federer...

Anyway... I was pretty surprised at how Stripey was handling himself. For his first semi-final ever he did well - and looked a lot better thanks to Roger's miss-hits. Early on he played strong and didn't seem like he was going to choke. I'll be honest though, I wasn't looking so much at Stripey. I was paying more attention to Roger's shots which seemed to not want to stay in the court lines. Finally the Roger woke up and Stripey started to make errors and after 3 hours of pulling out my hair, we had a Roger victory.


For the... what... fourth time in a row now we'll see Roger in the finals of Roland Garros. The good news is that he won't have to face Rafa. The bad news is, he'll be playing the guy who beat Rafa and looked pretty darn good while demolishing Gonzalez. Okay. Back to chewing my fingers....At least he'll have the crowd backing him. Right people Paris-people? RIGHT.


"Wait... I didn't do that right... Let me try again...Wait for it......."


"C'moooon Roger...."

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Grrrreg said...

I'm SURE the crowd will root for him. Everyone wants to see him finally win Rolland Garros. He's always been a fan favorite here. He's super nice, and he speaks French (he could probably coach the habs by the way), so he's really popular.

Eternal Pessimist said...

Even Monfils was saying that the crowd wasn't going to cheer against Roger in their match... I hope the crowd can help him out.

And yeah... Roger could SO coach the Habs. I heard him speak French when he was here last year. It was so pretty.

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