Perky Roger time!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yeah, back to tennis. I hate hockey right now. But anyway, I found this really awesome interview with Roger when he was just starting out as a pro. He must've been like, 19 or something.

With the wonderful benefit of hindsight, it's kind of funny to watch this actually. Of particular interest to me where the bits were he said he got compared to Anna Kournikova because he hadn't won a title, he didn't think it was possible for another player to come along and dominate the game like Sampras did, he hoped to be number one one day and where he said he wanted to win a Grand Slam. "Maybe Wimbledon because it's my favorite one or maybe the US Open once".

Once? ONCE? How about FIVE times? Oh and let's throw in five Wimbledon titles, three Australian Open titles and the French Open too. As for that number one bit... yeah.... you were only number one for 237 CONSECUTIVE weeks. Now maybe I'm wrong here but to me, that sounds like a guy who's completely dominated the tour. But of course itty bitty 19 year old Roger wouldn't known that =p At least he's not being compared to Anna Kournikova anymore....


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