Make it seven! No wait, make it five....?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So you've probably heard of the Make It Seven campaign. Which is to bring another franchise (hello Phoenix) to Canada and thereby upping our total of NHL teams to seven. But why seven? That would be implying that we have six NHL teams now. Let's see... Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. That seems like five to me... Oh right... Toronto allegedly has a team. Right. Well, there's now a campaign to send the Leafs to the AHL. Have a look for yourself *g*

Anyway... the rumor mills are spewing "Heatley Wants Out" rumors. As long as he ends up on the other side of the continent, then I'm a happy person. Now if we could just find someone to take the whole darn team, I'll be a really happy person. Barring that, I'll settle for rehiring Hartsburg instead of Clouston. I had more fun when Hartsburg was in. And speaking of Ottawa and goalie problems, the Flyers signed Ray Emery!

All I can say is... Poor Squeaky Marty....


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