Friday, June 12, 2009

I should offer my cursing skills to the other teams. I just cursed the Wings to a Stanley Cup loss.

No, I'm not taking this seriously. Just saying. It's funny. In a sad sort of way....

Being the semi-classy person that I am, I will now fully congratulate the Pens on their win. They deserved it. BUT I still hate Crysob. I can think he's talented and deserves it but still hate him. I'm not looking forward to hearing about him this summer or next year.... Damn you Crosby. I can't stand you or the media hype that surrounds you at all. But you deserve the win. So. Myeh.

And yes, I was born the same year that the Pens won their first Stanley Cup...Yup... There's your stupid fact for the day.

AND YES, I actually flipping predicted a Pens win in 7 games. First time I've ever gotten this stupid prediction thing exactly right.

Owch. I have a headache just thinking about this right now...

In better news....

The Baby Caps just won the Calder Cup thing =) Whoo for the Baby Caps!


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